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Husband “loves” in a strange way that makes his wife cry at night, and in the morning behaves as if nothing happened

TS.BS Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of Urology Surgery – Andrology (Hospital E) said that in sex life, harmony and consensus between two people is very important, which will help “love” rise.interest and both are satisfied, thereby improving the quality of life.

However, there are many women who have to grit their teeth and endure the tortures of their husbands when “falling in love.” Through the examination and consultation process, the doctor encountered many cases of sadistic sharing by her husband, but because this is a complicated matter, few people speak up and often try to survive to pamper their husbands.

HM and her husband (34 years old, lives in Hanoi) have two children, but due to a complicated illness, she brought them back to her hometown to live temporarily with her grandparents. Thinking that when a partner has space, sex life will be more comfortable and sublime, but unexpectedly, it is a series of painful days that Ms. M.

Husband “loves” in a strange way that makes his wife cry at night, and in the morning behaves as if nothing happened

There are many types of sadism in sex, it can be done with action, but in some cases expressed in words. Illustration.

Every time she had “sex”, Ms. M’s husband asked her to go into a “difficult position” they had never done before. At first, Ms. M thought her husband wanted to change to renew the “love” relationship, but he didn’t.

M said that every time he had sex, his husband stopped using difficult positions, used violence such as hitting and biting his body, even tying him up once to his satisfaction, despite his wife’s pleading, crying at night.

Once satisfied, he fell asleep, and the next day acted as if nothing had happened. After several unbearable times, Ms. M hides from her husband every night, and then has to take her two children back to Hanoi to avoid “falling in love” with her husband.

Dr. Lien said that sadistic behavior will cause severe damage to the partner, especially in the above case, the wife is afraid to “get closer” to her husband, always looking for excuses to avoid.

Sadistic acts are very diverse, some are shown by actions such as pinching, tying their partners… but there are also those who use words to suppress and affect the soul. “The sad thing and also the reality today is that when suffering from sadism, many women suffer silently, not sharing it even with their partners,” said Doctor Lien.

When experiencing sadism, many women will be very affected physically and mentally. Illustration.

In particular, sadistic behavior is increasing when the internet is widespread. The ease of access to “dark movies” makes many people want to try out the “acting” scenes they have seen with their own partner/partner.

“As far as I know, there are still some love hotels that are equipped with lots of sexual aids. This is very dangerous because it can increase sadism, not being careful will easily lead to accidents, and even affect lives,” said Doctor Lien.

To solve this problem, Dr. Lien believes that it is very important to share openly with your partner. Because many people only act rude when they are in a relationship, but they are usually very gentle. Therefore, choosing a time to share openly is necessary for the “partner” to recognize and change their sexual behavior.

In some cases, it is even necessary to see a sexologist and psychologist for psychological treatment. Doctors will suggest methods to help them limit behavior that is harmful to their partner. In particular, cases with paranoid illness, schizophrenia, bipolar, mania, depression… need to be treated with medication.

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