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There is no oven, putting potatoes in this type of rice cooker is still sweet and delicious

Sweet potato is a type of tuber that is liked by many people because of its sweet aroma, fleshy texture, and flexibility. Not only that, sweet potatoes are also very nutritious. Rich in protein and unsaturated fatty acids, 3 times more carotene than carrots, rich in phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc. Sweet potatoes also play a role in slowing down the human aging process.

Usually sweet potatoes are boiled, baked, steamed, cooked in porridge, cooked in soup or made into cakes . . . but each dish has an interesting taste. In particular, baked sweet potato is loved by many women because of its delicious sweet taste, more fragrant than usual.

There is no oven, putting potatoes in this type of rice cooker is still sweet and delicious

Potatoes can be roasted in the oven, over charcoal, but roasting in a rice cooker is something people rarely do. That’s why the chef has suggested how to bake potatoes in the rice cooker below, both of which are delicious, without adding a drop of water, and without worrying about scorching:

First, for a delicious baked potato, when buying sweet potatoes, choose medium, even, balanced, don’t choose potatoes that are too big, it will be difficult to make honey, but eating is not necessarily delicious. After buying them, leave them in a ventilated place for a few days to allow the potatoes to come off the road and be sweeter.

First, we wash the sweet potatoes with clean water. Then place on a cutting board, cut off the head and tail of the sweet potato, being careful not to peel the outer skin of the sweet potato. The outer skin of the sweet potato also plays a role in protecting the moisture, sugar and nutrients of the sweet potato, making it tastier. Sweet potatoes that have been peeled and steamed will lose their moisture and sugar, and are definitely unpleasant to eat. Meanwhile, to remove the head and tail of the sweet potato so that the sweet potato cooks quickly, and will taste better when eaten.

In addition, we can also poke some small holes in the sweet potato will also help our sweet potato cook faster and we will taste better.

Once the potatoes are ready, remove the rice cooker core and flatten the sweet potatoes in the rice cooker. Put enough water into the rice cooker, not too much, only about 50ml. If you add too much, the potatoes will soak in the water for a long time.

Put the sweet potatoes in the rice cooker before going to bed and set the rice cooking mode. Even though we only used 50ml of water, there’s still water in the sweet potato after the pot is empty, so there’s no need to worry about the sweet potato getting dry.

In addition, after turning on the rice cooker, there is no need to worry, when the time comes, the pot will automatically switch to heat preservation mode, in the morning you can see the smell of baked sweet potato all over the room. Open the lid, you will see fragrant sweet potato, melted honey.

Now all you have to do is enjoy the baked sweet potato in the rice cooker.

The portion of sweet potato purchased has not been completely roasted and preserved to prevent sprouting. Put the sweet potatoes in the sun for two days, then put them in a paper box. Put a layer of paper in the box, then put in the sweet potato, then cover again with the paper and then the potatoes… Do it all. When you’re done, put the potato squares in the shade in a dry place, so the sweet potatoes can be stored for half a month without a problem.

Good luck!

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