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The Olympia query is lengthy and ‘swiss’, however it may be solved by ending center faculty

The street to the highest of Olympia took 22 years. That is an mental playground that many individuals love. The questions within the contest are numerous on many subjects, making use of all of the data realized throughout 12 years of highschool. This requires candidates to be sharp and have probably the most logical mind-set.

A query within the Street to Olympia, the twenty first week competitors has the next “shock” content material: Hen A was flying when he met a flock of birds B in the other way, so he stated: Whats up, 100 pals. The chief hen replied: “Hello, we’re not 100, however all of us, plus all of us, plus half of us and 1 / 4 of us and also you, make 100. What number of birds does B have?

The Olympia query is lengthy and ‘swiss’, however it may be solved by ending center faculty

The query has quite a lot of overlapping information and is extraordinarily lengthy, complicated the viewers. Nonetheless, that is truly only a stage 2 drawback, a little bit observant is ready to make an equation from the given information. The reply to this query is 36 kids. The reason is as follows:

First take 100 – 1 = 99 animals

Let x be the variety of birds in flock B:

So we’ve the equation: x + x + ( 1/2)x + (1/4)x = 99

=>2x + (3/4)x = 99

=> 11x/4 = 99

=>x = 36 kids.

Beforehand, within the closing of the yr Street to Olympia in 2015, there was an especially attention-grabbing query with the next content material: Which provinces and centrally-run cities in our nation at this time have names beginning with the phrase “Ha”?


Our nation has all 63 provinces and cities, so it isn’t straightforward to filter out the proper reply in a short while. The right reply to this Olympia query is: Hanoi, Ha Giang, Ha Nam and Ha Tinh.