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Query Olympia: Dad and mom have 6 sons, every little one has 1 sister. Ask how many individuals? Reply 12 is flawed

The questions in this system Street to Olympia at all times make many individuals excited due to the problem. Apart from the troublesome questions, there are Olympia questions containing the data of 2nd grade college students that additionally make it troublesome for candidates and TV viewers. On social networks, a tough query on the Olympia Week 3, February, Quarter IV The street to the highest of Olympia 2018 drew consideration.

This contest has the presence of 4 contestants Truong Nguyet Que (Nguyen Dinh Chieu Excessive College, Tien Giang); Nguyen Thi Linh (Tu Ky Excessive College, Hai Duong); Do Anh Tai (Cu Chi Excessive College, Ho Chi Minh Metropolis) and Tran Dinh Kien Giang (Vo Nguyen Giap Excessive College for the Gifted, Quang Binh).

Dad and mom have 6 sons, every son has 1 sister. How many individuals are there within the household? Screenshots

This slick Olympia query comes up particularly within the last spherical, which is yet one more trick query. In case you are not calm, you’ll instantly lose factors. Particularly, the Olympia query has the next content material: “Dad and mom have 6 sons, every son has 1 sister. How many individuals are there within the household?” After that, contestant Kien Giang gave the right reply of 9 individuals!

It sounds absurd as a result of many individuals are fooled by the information “every son has 1 sister” and multiply by 6×2 = 12, including the dad and mom, there will likely be 14 individuals. Nevertheless, this reply is flawed. To elucidate, we have to infer that the household has dad and mom, including 6 sons makes 8 individuals. Every son has just one extra sister, which implies that all 6 brothers have just one youngest sister within the household. Due to this fact, the reply have to be 2+6+1 = 9 individuals.

After this match, Kien Giang received the laurels with 230 factors, adopted by Truong Nguyet Que with 200 factors and Do Anh Tai with 190 factors. Within the decisive query above, Kien Giang was extraordinarily calm in order to not lose factors.