11.01.2022, 09:17

Abstract paintings take art lovers on Voyage to Freedom


Abstract paintings take art lovers on Voyage to Freedom

HCM CITY — Abstract paintings by artist William Phạm are on display at the exhibition The Voyage to Freedom held in HCM City.

Among many canvas paintings displayed, the highlight is The Dance of Mercy, which was selected to be introduced at the World Leader in AI World Society (AIWS) Award 2021 held in April last year under the framework of a series of events launched by the United Nations Centennial Initiative.

Governor Michael Dukakis, Co-chair of the United Nations Centennial Initiative, said the painting is an inspiring piece that brings life to the initiative, representing positive energy, as well as the compassion of humanity.

“Through the United Nations Centennial Initiative, we aim to radiate this energy that your painting represents and bring its message to life. Your enthusiasm, knowledge and love for peace shines through your work and we are grateful to have ‘The Dance of Mercy’ as a piece of the Initiative,” Dukakis wrote in a letter to William Phạm.

William Phạm was born in 1979, earned an MBA and a doctorate in the Netherlands and the UK. He used to work at the international relations department under the State Audit of Vietnam.

William, who is passionate about contributions to artistic freedom, organised his first solo exhibition in 2020 in HCM City with 19 abstract artworks.

Regarding his motivation in art, he said: “Reaching to the sky, you may not touch the brightest star but you still stand in the middle of starlight at least, and your dream will be lit up. Just open your mind and look at the world with a humane heart.”

The exhibition with its unique concepts and colours welcomed many art lovers in HCM City, professional collectors and business people from Japan, Germany and the US.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Lý Đuc Trung also attended the exhibition and expressed his appreciation among art subjects that could convey messages on global issues, humanity, environmental protection, and peace.

Art lovers can contemplate the paintings at Ngõ Art Gallery in Thảo Điền Ward, Thủ Đuc city, HCM City. — VNS