04.04.2021, 18:53

Hà Nội painters showcase colours of life

Hà Nội painters showcase colours of life
A painting featuring the beautiful landscape of the country by Nguyễn Mạnh Hung. Photo courtesy of the artist

HCM CITY – An exhibition showcasing outstanding paintings by a group of emerging contemporary artists from Ha Noi named Đa Dien (Multiface) opened on Friday at the HCM City Fine Arts Museum.

The “Đa Dien 5” showcases 50 mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings by the group’s members, including Nguyễn Minh, Nguyễn Mạnh Hung, and Chu Viet Cường, and guest artist Lương Lưu Bien of HCM City.

The artists use vivid colours to create vibrant images of the country and their homeland, and show their thoughts about life and love.

Hung, a graduate of Viet Nam Fine Arts University, said: “The exhibition reflects the multiple faces and colours of life.”

It also shows the creativity and hard work of artists who promise to offer contemporary paintings to art lovers in HCM City, he added.

The 37-year-old artist displays four oil and acrylic paintings at the exhibition.The work features the beautiful landscapes of different regions in Viet Nam.

“I love landscapes bearing the imprint of a region and its culture,” said Hung, who launched his first solo exhibition Nghieng Đem (Life in Night) showcasing paintings of life along the river in Ha Noi in 2017.

Ben Cửa Sổ (By the Window) by Nguyễn Minh. Photo courtesy of the artist

Street life is a theme of a series of abstract paintings titled Phố (Street) by Nguyễn Minh.

He uses still images to reflect romanticism in his paintings through his appealing work Ben Cửa Sổ (By the Window).

Through his works, Minh wants to send a message about the need "to innovate and work creatively.”

The exhibition also introduces paintings by Dương Tuấn featuring life and fate, Chu Viet Cường on street life in Ha Noi, and Doãn Hoang Lam on self-discovery.

A painting capturing street life on Ha Noi by Chu Viet Cường. Photo courtesy of the artist

Guest artist Bien presents new paintings depicting his admiration of women.

Bien, a painter and a sculptor, is a member of the HCM City and Viet Nam Fine Arts associations. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in HCM City, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea and France.

Đa Dien group, established in 2018, consists of artists from Ha Noi and northern provinces.

The group held four exhibitions in Ha Noi and HCM City in 2019 and 2020.

Tao Linh, a group member, said: “Đa Dien is open to any artist whose style and art works are known by the public.”

The “Đa Dien 5” exhibition remains open until April 6 at the museum at 97A Phó Đuc Chính Street in District 1. VNS