02.05.2021, 16:35

Flowers blossom in the city

Flowers blossom in the city

A while ago, Netizens posted images of pink poui trees (Tabebuia rosea) near Khanh Hoi Bridge and alongside a section of Dien Bien Phu Street - PHOTOS: THANH HOA

When totally fatigue, I will tell myself that this city has too many exciting things. Among them, its flowers will bloom not only for one day but for many days. The blossoms will help me feel soothed.

As a self-taught painter, I often give Saigon different sketches which focus on this city’s disorder, noisiness and excessive volumes of smoke and dirt. However, this afternoon, when the sun became less intense, a different picture appearing on the way in the backdrop of the bright color of the Golden Bells, or Yellow Bells, seemed to take away part of my troubled soul. In addition to edifices and streets packed with heavy traffic, Saigon does have its beautiful flowers.

I began to notice the first clusters of Golden Bells flowers coming into sight at a place adjacent to the alley leading to the paths running alongside the railroad. They would soon be in full bloom one after another. From a distance, the trees wearing their brilliant yellow color apparently filled part of the gaps in the sky.

A beautiful scene includes flowers and a high rise