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Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) Presents Manga Artist Fujiwara’s NFT Collection “The Land”

Singapore-based digital entertainment asset (DEA) brings The Land, an NFT collection by legendary manga artist Fujiwara Kamui, who entered the manga space with Babel no Rakuen in 1981, to the PlayMining Metaverse project. The Land will be available in DEA’s PlayMining in Spring 2022.

About Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA)

DEA is getting familiar with the crypto industry and powering the fastest growing NFT platform in the GameFi space with the PlayMining Metaverse project. PlayMining is powered by DEAcoin, the native token of PlayMining Metaverse. With over 2.3 million users in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Philippines and Indonesia, PlayMining is already a big player in the GameFi space. For its mission, PlayMining leverages the GameFi fundamentals to bring both content creators and users to one table through its platform.

Founded in 2018, DEA launched its native coin DEAcoin in 2020, listed on crypto exchange OKX. The company soon launched a trading card-based game, JobTribes, which was the DEA’s first game. The next project is “DEP’s NFT Marketplace”.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) Introducing manga artist Fujiwara’s NFT collection The Land

Fujiwara Kamui is a big name in manga, having joined Babel no Rakuen in 1981 with his first professional manga series. It was a huge success due to Fujiwara’s detailed artwork in it, and he quickly became a crowd pleaser with quite some success with almost all of his published work. His best works include Emblem of Roto written by Kawamata Chaki, Raika, Terashima Yu and Seirei no Moribito written by Uehashi Nahoko.

This NFT project “The Land” is part of Fujiwara Kamui’s Metaverse project called Fujiwara Kamui Nation, which was part of PlayMining Metaverse project. Anyone who purchases an NFT from The Land collection also obtains citizenship of Fujiwara Kamui Country. Its unique selling point is that in this wondrous land, gods and goddesses will work with humans to create an ideal world. Its concept can be summarized as “The creation of the earth, a world where gods and goddesses coexist with humans”.

A spokesman for Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) said of the great potential of Fujiwara Kamui’s NFT project “The Land”:

“We believe the Metaverse project is unique and unprecedented as it focuses on the creativity of creators originating from Japan, one of the world’s leading creator-producing countries. The sale of NFT land is an important step in realizing DEA’s vision to protect the rights and share the interests of creators.”

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