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Top 3 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies With The Highest Price Today (BTH, GSG, XDOGE)

This week the crypto market is relatively well supported and is trading sideways. Many Metaverse cryptocurrencies have seen double-digit price gains, with some up over 25% today. This article looks at today’s three most bullish Metaverse cryptocurrencies, ranked by 24-hour growth, highest to lowest, aggregated by zerotx.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Highest Price Today – ClassicDoge (XDOGE) +86%

Launched in November 2021, ClassicDoge is a metaverse crypto project for animal lovers. XDOGE enables pet owners to create realistic 3D NFTs for their pets and use them on various VR and social media platforms.

ClassicDoge is the top winner today with a price increase of over 86%. The idea of ​​the project is amazing as there is no better way to immortalize your pet than placing its image on the blockchain.

XDOGE is the native BEP-20 token of the ClassicDoge platform and sits on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can buy XDOGE on PancakeSwap.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Highest Price Today – Gamesta (GSG) +31%

Founded in December 2021, Gamesta is an AI powered guild for NFT games. Gamesta enables investors to connect and empower thousands of disadvantaged gamers worldwide.

The Gamesta dApp, to be launched in Q3 2022, will offer AI-powered wrapped NFTs, pricing and analytics, and promote a machine learning player and NFT marketplace.

The Gamesta ecosystem revolves around their treasury, an open and transparent fund system that pays for all games. The idea of ​​a gaming guild similar to Yield Guild Games is popular on Ethereum. Since Gamesta is a polygon-based project, the fees will be much more manageable.

GSG is the Gamesta platform’s native token used to trade assets in their ecosystem. You can buy GSG on Uniswap, QuickSwap or MEXC.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Today’s Highest Price – Bit Hotel (BTH) +25%

Launched in December 2021, Bit Hotel is a social first NFT gaming metaverse for monetization where users can compete against each other to earn Bit Hotel tokens and get native NFTs. Users can use NFT in the game as characters, hotel rooms, furniture, etc.

The Bit Hotel ecosystem will include Metaverse Play for Money, NFT Marketplace, Staking Platform, Social Platform, Scoreboard and in-game relationships.

Currently, users can check the investor dashboard on the Bit Hotel website by connecting their MetaMask wallet. Additionally, users can view the NFT Marketplace with limited and unique NFTs released every month. All NFTs are currently sold out, which speaks for the high popularity of this project.

Bit Hotel uses a dual token economy. BTH is the Bit Hotel platform native token used for staking and trading on the NFT Asset platform. BHOTEL can be earned through play and redeemed for NFT. In addition, BHOTEL grants you access to events and other in-game activities.

You can buy BTH tokens on PancakeSwap.

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