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Top 3 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies With The Highest Price Today (SHOE, MTS, NTVRK)

This week, the crypto market continues to trade sideways with Bitcoin and Ethereum attempting to hold on to support. Here are the top 3 bullish Metaverse cryptocurrencies, ranked by 24-hour growth, highest to lowest, aggregated by nulltx.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Top Price: ShoeFy (SHOE) +165%

Launched in October 2021, today’s leading bulldog is ShoeFy, an NFT platform for digital collectible shoes called sNFT. The platform uses the ERC-721 token standard and includes its ERC-20 SHOE token. The token will be used as the main currency of the market, allowing users to buy sNFT.

ShoeFy allows users to generate passive income by holding and wagering sNFT. Users can become liquidity providers and earn liquidity tokens through their sNFT.

The ShoeFy ecosystem will feature multiple services including a DAO, a decentralized exchange, a custom wallet, and the ShoeVerse metaverse. Currently, users can stake their SHOE tokens. sNFT staking is still in development and will be available later this year.

SHOE has been trending on for the last 24 hours, drawing more attention to the project. With a current market cap of less than $1 million, ShoeFy is an underrated project worth checking out.

You can buy SHOE on PancakeSwap or Uniswap.

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Highest Price: Metastrike (MTS) +76%

Launched in January 2022, Metastrike is an immersive VR first-person shooter based on the Metaverse virtual technology platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. It contains NFTs that allow players to have a collection of weapons and create maps to fight and steal NFTs from other players.

One of the features of Metastrike is that it allows players to create their own FPS project with any idea. In addition to custom map creation, three different modes are available including zombie mode, team mode and deathmatch mode.

Metastrike has a dual token model with MTS and MTT tokens. MTS is used to update the map with rare NFTs, in-game activity and betting. MTS is used to unlock new maps, participate in game modes and special events, and purchase consumables. Users can also use MTS to upgrade weapons and exchange tokens on an exchange.

Metastrike is still in development, but the team has included a video with actual footage from the game; Listen:

Metastrike was recently listed on today which is one of the reasons why the price has increased today.

You can buy MTS on, KuCoin, PancakeSwap,…

Metaverse Cryptocurrency Hits Highest Price: Netvrk (NTVRK) +32%

Launched in May 2021, Netvrk describes itself as an omnidirectional metaverse platform with tools that allow users to monetize their content via NFT. Netvrk aims to offer the world a new way to create and consume content with rich experiences, resulting in an ever-expanding metaverse.

The project’s ecosystem includes many opportunities for users to earn passive income. Users can buy advertising space on land, generate NFTs and use their tokens for passive rewards. In addition, Netvrk is developing a 3D scanning mobile application that will allow users to scan real-world objects into the digital realm.

Netvrk is still in its early stages and is currently securing partnerships and investments. The current market cap of $59 million is relatively low for a Metaverse project, and it’s worth watching for more features to be released.

You can buy NTVRK on Uniswap, KuCoin, MEXC or Hotbit.

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