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VinFast's Presence at the 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show Impresses Automotive Experts

The presence of Vietnamese automaker VinFast at the 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) has made a strong impression on industry veterans in the Southeast Asian nation. According to experts, VinFast holds several competitive advantages that could help them penetrate the Indonesian market through attractive designs, quality, performance, reasonable pricing, and their renowned after-sales services.


Narendra Wicaksana, an automotive expert from Setir Kanan—Indonesia's leading online automotive media platform—expressed his delight at VinFast's arrival in Indonesia:

"The VinFast logo looks very striking. Even from afar, I can instantly recognize that it's a VinFast vehicle rather than any other brand. The cars have a very modern and sporty design that truly stands out. The interiors are minimally designed yet eye-catching with large center touchscreens..."

Jason Andhika Syarief, an automotive expert from the CVT Indonesia YouTube channel, noted that design is a crucial factor. "The designs of some other electric vehicle brands in Asia can look dated. Meanwhile, VinFast vehicles have very appealing designs that will appeal to younger consumers..."

Indonesian experts have also pointed to VinFast's strengths in other areas. Mr. Hartono Kurrniawan, a sales representative from automotive dealership PT Bevos Auto Mandiri, shared that he had the opportunity to test drive various VinFast electric models and was impressed by their driving dynamics. "They are easy to handle, accelerate quickly, remain stable at high speeds, and most importantly provide a very comfortable ride. The noise insulation is also excellent," he stated.

VinFast is Well-Positioned for Success in Indonesia's Growing EV Market

Indonesia is considered an attractive market for electric vehicles. With growing environmental awareness, supportive government policies, and lower operating costs compared to gasoline cars, EV adoption is projected to accelerate rapidly in the coming years. The Indonesian government has set an ambitious target for EVs and hybrids to comprise at least 31% of total new vehicle sales by 2025.

VinFast's well-received debut at IIMS 2024 indicates they are well-positioned to capitalize on Indonesia's emerging EV market. Through innovative yet practical designs, a focus on driving comfort and performance, and competitive pricing, VinFast satisfies key criteria that will appeal to Indonesian consumers.

As the only fully electric automaker from Southeast Asia with in-house production, VinFast also helps address "range anxiety" concerns through their battery leasing model. Customers can swap drained batteries for freshly charged ones at network stations, allowing stress-free long-distance traveling. This unique "Battery as a Service" proposition alleviates a major hurdle facing early EV adopters in Indonesia.

"The combination of nice design, competitive pricing, long range and battery swap facilities gives VinFast a distinctive value proposition,” remarked Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java province, after test driving VinFast's SUV and sedan models. “I believe they will capture a sizeable share of Indonesia's green vehicle market in the coming years."

VinFast Gains Popularity through Word-of-Mouth

Despite being a newcomer brand, VinFast has benefitted from overwhelmingly positive reviews on Indonesian automotive forums and social media networks. Pictures and videos shared by early VinFast owners praise aspects like the quiet yet powerful acceleration, spacious interiors, advanced driver-assist systems, and versatile in-car infotainment features.

Such positive word-of-mouth is invaluable for building brand recall and consideration, especially with younger audiences that research extensively online before big-ticket purchases. Many Indonesian online comments express admiration for VinFast’s locally-assembled electric SUVs and sedans that combine high-tech features with affordable pricing—a rare value proposition.

VinFast's success at transforming global automotive manufacturing is also an inspiration. Founded just six years ago, VinFast now has production facilities in Vietnam capable of rolling out half a million vehicles annually. This remarkable story resonates strongly with Indonesia's entrepreneurial spirit and "Indonesia the Rising" economic ambitions.

As deliveries of the VinFast VF 9 luxury SUV and VF 8 mass market SUV get underway in the coming months, industry watchers anticipate strong initial sales based on the buzz generated so far. With a well-planned market entry targeting lifestyle-conscious middle-class buyers, analysts concur that VinFast electric vehicles will soon become a more common sight on Indonesian roads.

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