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Zero Degree Green Tea a secret to cooling the body

Zero Degree Green Tea is loved by the young who use it to cool down, especially during hot summer days

Stress Release

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is a natural polyphenol, mostly found in green tea, which is beneficial to health.

EGCG compounds help rejuvenate the body and beautify the skin. It can also help people lose weight, keep fit, as well as relieve stress and fatigue.

EGCG is the most powerful antioxidant compound found in nature. Along with sports, trekking, and camping trips to explore nature, bottled green tea with EGCG is especially loved and usedby young people to relieve the stress caused by work or study.

Zero Degree Green Tea a secret to cooling the body

EGCG's great benefits make Zero Degree Green Tea loved by millions of people.

EGCG in bottled green tea

EGCG only lasts for a limited period, usually 4-6 hours after being made. In traditional bottled tea products, EGCG is reduced during extraction.

According to experts, the secret to identifying bottled green tea's quality lies in the taste. The product that has a characteristic acrid taste and the most natural aroma has a high EGCG proportion and contains maximum nutrients from tea leaves.

The drink helps reduce stress

According to a market survey, up to 75% of bottled tea consumers said that Zero Degree Green Tea had the most characteristic acrid taste and natural aroma among bottled tea products on the market. Because the tea is manufactured by Aseptic cold-extraction technology, it keeps the maximum amount of healthy nutrients from Thai raw green tea leaves, especially EGCG.

"Aseptic cold extraction technology in beverage production combines five aseptic factors: sterilized bottles, sterilized caps, sterilized water, sterilized product, aseptic extraction environment. The technology creates good flavor and maximum EGCG as the beverage is not cooked at a high temperature and contains preservatives and industrial colors," Tran Uyen Phuong, Tan Hiep Phat's Deputy CEO said.

Zero Degree Green Tea has been a favorite of the young for many years

Zero Degree Green Tea is one of the most popular refreshment drinks on the market, and over 71% of respondents said that they regularly use it; 76% think this product is made from natural ingredients and 69% believe it is good for health. The product is certified by the US Food & Drug Administration for quality and has a Halal certification for Muslim countries.

Young people are always at the vanguard of daring trends, but they are also the pioneers of a healthy lifestyle, living life to the fullest. To enjoy a unique and energetic life, they choose healthy, natural refreshments such as green tea to relieve stress.

From April 5 to July 3, Tan Hiep Phat introduces a promotion with more than 300,000 prizes in cash for Zero Degree Green Tea, Dr. Thanh Tea, Number 1 Energy Drink, Number 1 Lemon Strawberry, Number 1 Active and Number 1 Soya.

To join the promotion, customers only need to tear off the bottle label and text the code to the promotion's phone number 6020. The promotion offers 3 'millionaire prizes' of VND 100 million (US$ 4,300) and a 'billionaire prize' of VND 1.2 billion.

Zero Degree Green Tea has a characteristic acrid taste and natural aroma.

Valerie Mai