25.06.2021, 17:44

Vietnamese Farmer Wins Over US 4 300 by Drinking Zero Degree Green Tea

A farmer in Quang Ngai city won VND 100 million in a competition when drinking Tan Hiep Phat Group's Zero Degree Green Tea.

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Vietnamese Farmer Wins Over US 4 300 by Drinking Zero Degree Green Tea

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On June 5, the program “Xe ngay trung liền” (Immediately tear, Immediately win) organized a livestream to find the owner of a prize worth VND 100 billion and farmer Nguyen Thi Ty, 55, was the lucky winner.

Ty was absolutely overjoyed at the prize, and said that her family were just humble farmers and had encountered many difficulties of late.

“My two children are workers, but they are now unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I also no longer work at the restaurant because it has to shut down at the local authority’s request. I haven’t earned any income over the past few months. Now I only rely on 1,500-square-meters of rice fields,” she said.

A livestream to find the owner of the VND 100 million prize. Photo: Tan Hiep Phat

After many exchanges, Ty found out that she had won VND 100 million: “I really don’t believe it. There are currently many fraudulent programs, so, neither my husband nor I believed it when being told we were to gain VND 100 million.”

Ty added that apart from the rice fields, her family borrowed money to raise two cows. “I have to work at an eatery and every other job I do is earn enough money to pay off the debt. Just when I didn’t know how I could get enough money to repay the debt and cover living expenses, I was lucky to win the prize. I am deeply grateful to the program for bringing luck to my family. The sum is really large and it will change my family’s life,” Ty said.

Nguyen Phi Thuong, Ty’s neighbor, said she also felt glad for Ty’s family and thanked the program for bringing great lucks to Ty’ and her family as they were in an extremely difficult circumstances.

The tea products have seen hundreds and thousands of customers win valuable prizes.

Ty said she would use VND 100 million to settle debts as well as buy more cows to raise.

The “Xe ngay trung liền” program has created a fever all over the country since it was aunched on April 5. More than 150,000 cash prizes have been awarded. Among them were two winners of VND 100 million including Nguyen Phi Trong in Kon Tum and Nguyen Thi Ty in Quang Ngai. There are more than 150,000 cash prizes left, comprising one millionaire prize of VND 100 million and one billionaire prize of VND 1.2 billion waiting for players.

To participate, customers must buy products such as Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea, Zero Degree Green Tea, Number 1 Energy Drink, Number 1 Energy Drink with Strawberry or Lemon flavors, Number 1 Active and Number 1 Soya Milk. Then they send a code to 6020 or enter it on the website www.xengaytrunglien.com.

The next livestream will find the winners of the VND 100 million and VND 1.2 billion prizes, which will take place at 10 a.m. July on the fanpage: www.facebook.com/trathanhnhietDr.Thanh.