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Cat Tien – green check-in point near Ho Chi Minh City

Cat Tien National Park is an ideal destination for weekend visitors, to enjoy the fresh air.

Cat Tien – green check-in point near Ho Chi Minh City
Cat Tien forest belongs to Tan Phu, Cat Tien and Vinh Cuu districts (Dong Nai province) and Bu Dang (Binh Phuoc province). About 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh City, it will take you 4 hours to get here. This is a humid lowland forest with rich flora and fauna.
With a total area of ​​nearly 72,000 hectares, Cat Tien National Park is currently one of the world biosphere reserves in Vietnam. On the photo is a tree with a hundred trunks, about 400 years old with a height of more than 8 m. This si tree has countless trunks and branches interlaced, forming a strange shape.
There are many unique mushrooms in the forest, especially in the rainy season. Cat Tien National Park has just announced a list of more than 300 species of mushrooms, of which nearly 200 species are collected and preserved in the garden’s sample room.
Visitors have to stoop through the branches of ancient trees and interlaced vines.
In the forest, visitors may be surprised to see many interesting old trees. In the photo is a lime tree that looks like a lime vase that eats betel nut.
Going a little further is a 400-year-old tung tree, one of the check-in points to save the trip to Nam Cat Tien. With rocky terrain, tree roots grow on the surface to form a solid base that can withstand the rain of the forest and flash floods. The tree is so big that it takes more than 20 people to hold hands to hug it.
Bau Sau is the most famous tourist attraction in Cat Tien forest, which is a combination of different colors of nature. To get to this place, you need to rent a car for a distance of about 10 km and then walk another 5 km to arrive. Because you have to walk a long distance, you need to prepare health and drinks.
Visitors coming here will witness the scene of crocodiles catching prey and living in the water. An interesting experience for guests is to spend the night at Bau Sau, while enjoying special dishes and nourishing for the walk.
Tourists ride a special vehicle to see the diverse species of flora and fauna in the Cat Tien forest. In the journey through the forest, many species of birds have unique feathers that make visitors unable to take their eyes off such as red-winged green woodpeckers, striped lemongrass, yellow bellies…or deer, roe deer, monkeys…
Coming to Cat Tien forest, you not only go on a tour, but also participate in a vacation combined with education. Both children and adults can explore and learn many interesting things from nature, thereby having a sense of environmental protection and raising a love for rare animals and plants.
Especially with families going to Cat Tien forest, children can practice survival skills on the spot, and parents have more opportunities to connect with their children. In addition to walking tours to explore, visit the first bear rescue center in Vietnam, watching animals at night is also an interesting experience.

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