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A visit to Phung Hung ancient house

The 240-year-old Phung Hung House in Hoi An City is one of the must visit places when you visit the city.

A visit to Phung Hung ancient house

The furniture and interiors in the Phung Hung house are well maintained. 

It is located at 4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street in the ancient town near the Chua Cau (Pagoda Bridge). The house was built in 1780 by a Vietnamese merchant when Hoi An, a national trading port, was at its peak. In the past, it traded in products like cinnamon, pepper, salt, silk, chinaware and glassware.

The present owners and residents are the eighth generation descendants of the merchant, continuing to preserve the house close to its original state.

Like the town of Hoi An in general, the house with its various cultural influences has been well preserved.

It has a solid structure of wooden frames and floors, brick walls and double-tiled roofs. Wooden pillars and beams carry exquisite carvings.

Inside, a large space gets natural light from the Japanese-style roof. The house has a total of 80 pillars made of precious solid wood.

The Phung Hung Old House was recognised as a national relic in June 1993. Its design and opulent interiors are evidence that Hoi An was a culturally rich trading port.

Photos of Phung Hung ancient house:


240-year-old Phung Hung House in Hoi An

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