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9 tips for an aerial tramway to Fansipan Mountain, Sapa Vietnam

1. Ticket price and purchase

You can buy this ticket in different places. If you join in groups, it is suggested to book your hotels to save time. Otherwise, if you visit the place on your own, you can buy on-site at Sun Plaza, also the station, then you will be given a voucher for food and drink service within Fansipan Legend. Fansipan Mountain cable car price is 700.000 VNĐ per ticket.

2. Best time to visit Fansipan Mountain

The aerial tramway is open from 7.30 AM to 5.30 PM every day. So it is hard to admire the sunrise of the sunset on the mountain's peak. However, you can be here at noon when the dew has parted to conveniently admire the overall landscape of attractions in Sapa under the sunlight.

3. Differences in height and temperature

Different from the Fansipan mountain trek or Fansipan mountain hike tradition, the higher speed of the aerial tramway can make it hard for you to become familiar with the change in temperature at a high place. Bring along a coat and scarf to keep cozy.

4. Railway to Muong Hoa Mountain

From Sapa Plaza, you can join a railway to Muong Hoa Mountain to admire the beauty of the Muong Hoa Valley scenery. The price for a return ticket is just 70000 VND. The station is designed in Europe style with many nice corners for a check-in photo.


5. Railway to Do Quyen Mountain

You have to walk about 600 steps from the Fansipan station to reach the top, which may be impossible for children and old tourists. Then they can join this journey to save time and effort. There are return tickets and oneway ones that allow you to walk downstairs to visit the complex of temples and Do Quyen flower roadway without Fansipan Mountain climb before.

6. Fansipan Mountain Vietnam Pyramids

Check-in at one of three pyramids on the top of the mountain is a "tradition" among tourists visiting Fansipan Mountain, Vietnam. The photo is proof of the moment you have conquered this actual height.

7. The complex of temples on Fansipan Mountain Peak

Getting out of the station, you should visit Ha Temple to pray for good luck for your relatives. Alongside 600 steps from Ha Temple to Thuong Temple, enjoy meditation music to refresh your mind. Visit the highest copper Buddha statue and many other typical Buddha constructions.

8. Food and drink services

Do Quyen and Hai Cang restaurants in Fansipan station are famous for their diversity on the menu, from Asian and European food to Sapa specialties at a suitable price. 

9. Hotels on Fansipan Mountain Sapa Vietnam

Until now, no completed hotels have come into effect in Fansipan Legend Complex. You only visit Fansipan Mountain, Vietnam, within the day and can not overnight there. However, there are many hotels and homestays near the station where you can relax and admire the outside scenery.

With its dominance in location and natural scenery, Fansipan Mountain in Vietnam is one of the best places to visit in Sapa. It will certainly meet your expectations for a journey to North Vietnam. 

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