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The sacred Mariamman temple in Saigon is hundreds of years old

Mariamman Saigon Temple attracts visitors with its unique and famous Indian architecture. If you are a lover of Indian culture, you definitely cannot ignore this famous place when you have the opportunity to visit Saigon. 

Where is Mariamman Temple in Saigon?

Mariamman Saigon Temple is located at 45, Truong Dinh Street, District 1, very close to Ben Thanh Market. This famous temple in Saigon , also known as Ba An Pagoda, was built in the early years of the twentieth century in the Hindu style, by a part of Indians who immigrated to Saigon. This place worships the god named Mariamman and combined with the indigenous cultural beliefs, also worships the Buddha image, so it is also known as the temple.    

The sacred Mariamman temple in Saigon is hundreds of years old
Mariamman Saigon Temple is impressive with Hindu architecture kiến

How to get to Mariamman Temple Saigon?

The temple is located in the heart of District 1, so visitors can easily reach Mariamman Temple by various means. First of all, you need to take a plane, bus, train or motorbike to get to Saigon. From the center of District 1, you can take bus number 44 or ride a motorbike in the direction of Le Thanh Ton street about 700m, turn right to reach Goddess Mariamman Temple. Saigon travel experience , when visiting Mariamman temple, if you do not know the way, you can ask people or take a motorbike taxi or taxi to go directly to this temple. 

How to get to Mariamman Temple Saigon?

Admire the unique architecture of Mariamman Saigon Temple   

Mariamman Temple Saigon worships Mariamman – a beautiful woman dressed in red with a red face with many arms. She symbolizes strength and is considered the embodiment of the Rain God who helps the people have a good harvest and the land is always fertile. The Indians believe that the god Mariamman also has the ability to cure diseases, so the temple always attracts a large number of tourists to visit and pray.  

Admire the unique architecture of Mariamman Temple

Overall, the temple is not too large with a tower of 228 statues of Hindu gods recreated by Indian sculptors. In it, there are a number of statues inspired by details related to the epic Ramayana. Visiting the Mariamman temple , visitors will admire many statues with unique architecture, including the statue of Brahma with 4 heads corresponding to the 4 Vedas in 1500 BC.

The interior area of ​​Mariamman . Temple

The temple is designed in the shape of a U-shaped symbol of Hinduism. The temple consists of the main area of ​​​​the Mariamman temple, the two sides are the protectors of Pechiamman and Maduraiveeran. The area running along the wall is the statue of 18 gods recreated in different styles, representing the wishes of the people.

Attraction attractions for visitors to live virtual. Photo: foody

Experience going to Mariamman Saigon temple according to beliefs, festival attendees will receive blessings from Agni fire festival when making sacrifices. This is a ritual performed twice daily by fire to worship Mariamman and the gods. When making offerings, people often face the granite with the desire to wish to see. Worship times are held at 10am and 7pm respectively. When visiting the Mariamman temple in Saigon, just light an incense stick at the main hall. For offerings including fruit, a part of the temple staff will give to the worshiper to enjoy the blessings. 

Admire the unique architectural statues in the temple

Mariamman Temple Saigon is a unique combination of exchanges between the Indian community living in Vietnam. That has brought a unique feature to our country’s religion and this temple has increasingly become a destination for Indians and Saigon residents to pray and bless. 

Apply to the stone face in the temple to pray. Photo: foody
Prepare offerings when entering the temple to pray

Notes when visiting Mariamman Temple in Ho Chi Minh City

Mariamman Temple also has its own regulations on time and ceremony, here are some useful notes that you should not ignore when visiting this temple:

– The temple only has a parking area for motorbikes and no car park, so visitors need to park their car in another area and then walk to it.

– Opening time every day, morning from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Particularly on Friday, the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar, the temple is open to visitors all day. 

– Regulations on worshiping items in the temple: No offerings of betel nut, areca, no candles, no big tree incense and no old moldy noodles, rice, and beans. All offerings at the temple will be checked before offering.

– From Mariamman temple to Ben Thanh market only a few minutes walk, so you can shop for offerings in the market combined with sightseeing and enjoying unique cuisine here. 

– The temple is famously sacred and a sanctuary, so remember to dress modestly and politely. 

Mariamman Saigon Temple is an ideal destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit the city named after Uncle Ho. Besides the unique architecture, the Mariamman Pagoda also has sacred meanings that attract visitors to pray for luck and blessings. 

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