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Have fun, have fun at Ben Tre Green Village resort

As an eco-tourism destination that combines many unique entertainments, entertainment, culinary, and accommodation services, the Green Village tourist area will definitely be the attractive check-in and tourist coordinates of Ben Tre for you this summer.

Located at the top of the hottest eco-tourism area of ​​Ben Tre, Green Village Resort and Entertainment is considered an ideal destination, a place to relieve stress for many families and friends, especially students and students. Members are in the summer vacation, want to find a temporary place away from the noise of the smoky urban area to immerse themselves in the Southern river region, living in the fresh natural air, idyllic scenery. Come with LuhanhVietNam to Green Village to experience the green and fresh scenery of the coconut countryside!

Directions to Green Village tourist area

The brand new eco-tourism area of ​​Ben Tre is currently located at address 111D, provincial road 883, An Phu Thanh hamlet, An Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province. Phone number: 0275 3603 789.

Have fun, have fun at Ben Tre Green Village resort
Ben Tre Green Village is about 80 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Travelmag

Green Village is only about 80km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City by road. If you depart from the Western bus station, it will only take you about 1.5 to 2 hours to travel. The road to the tourist area is quite easy and fast because it is located right in front. Specifically as follows: You follow National Highway 1A to the southwest until you reach My Tho city. Next, choose to turn right onto Highway 60, cross Rach Mieu bridge, pass the toll station. Green Village eco-tourism area is only about 4km from the bridge, so if you cross the bridge, go slowly and pay attention to the way. You keep going until you meet the roundabout, then turn right to enter An Khanh commune. From here, you continue about 3km to reach this entertainment and tourism paradise.

Paradise of entertainment and entertainment in the land of coconuts. Image; vntrip

This attractive place is known as a famous entertainment and entertainment paradise in the coconut land in particular and the West in general. With an area of ​​​​more than 3 hectares, Ben Tre tourist destination is covered by a system of trees and many ponds and lakes spread over a large area. Although the South is in the hot season with high temperatures, when you check-in at this resort, you will not worry about the scorching sun because the resort is equipped with a misting system. cooler and better than the artificial rain system on the huts in the campus of Green Village. All create a relaxing, green, clean and pleasant space for visitors to visit.

Green and peaceful scenery. Photo: halotravel

Ticket prices for fun in Green Village

The good news for domestic and foreign tourists is that currently, Ben Tre Green Village does not charge an entrance fee. So, take advantage of your family and friends to plan to have fun at this tourist destination in Ben Tre. When entering the tourist area, there are many fun games and experiences for you to enjoy, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore.

When participating in some games, visitors need to rent Ba Ba clothes, bandanas, life jackets, the reference price for you is from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND. Besides, when you need the best quote and support for dining activities at the restaurant and planning events, teambuilding, etc., please contact the resort in advance.

Ideal hot spot in the river area. Photo: FB Green Village Ecotourism Area

What’s hot in Green Village tourist area?

Ben Tre in particular and the western provinces, in general, have many famous eco-tourism areas or amusement parks. From Phung Islet, Lan Vuong, Ha Thao, Nine Song tourist areas, Cai Mon fruit garden , … are all familiar names to Western tourists, especially young people. Recently appeared, but the Green Village eco-tourism area is not inferior to the above names and quickly reached the top of the favorite destinations. Because this place makes a mark as a paradise of entertainment and entertainment as well as a famous delicious dining place in the land of coconuts. In addition, this tourist destination also owns fresh air, peaceful and cool village scenery, infrastructure in harmony with nature with many fun activities, folk entertainment, team activities.

Play free in Green Village. Photo: langxanheco

Another advantage of this Western tourist coordinate is that it is suitable for tourists of many different ages, from families, groups of young people, students, students or the elderly because there are many diverse experiences depending on the destination. Depending on your different travel needs, from relaxation, sightseeing, walking or participating in games, enjoying Western cuisine, … Because Green Village has an area of ​​​​up to 3 hectares, it has both There are rivers, lakes, amusement parks, dining areas, and comfortable and comfortable overnight stays in the midst of a cool natural setting.

Unforgettable experiences in Green Village

1. Check in the idyllic rural landscape

Most Western tourists are quite familiar with ecotourism with dozens of hot-hit coordinates recently such as My Khanh Can Tho tourist area , Tan Lap Long An floating village, Long dunes – Ly – Quy – Phung or Thoi Son islet, Tien Giang, … Also with that familiar rural style, Green Village tourist area has quickly been loved by many tourists and visited more and more.

Walking through the gardens, the huts of charcoal leaves. Photo: langxanheco

What is more interesting than after a tiring and stressful day of work and study, you get on a bus to the West, stop in Ben Tre and check in Green Village. Then here, the journey to the countryside begins. It is a relaxing feeling when walking on the clear, peaceful village roads, going through the gardens, looking at the green fruit trees. Sometimes when your feet are tired or need to avoid the sun, you should step into the leaf huts to rest your feet.

The resort is suitable for crowded trips and groups. Photo: @peduy0501

2. Take hundreds of beautiful virtual live photos

Those who love photography will definitely be extremely satisfied when coming to  Green Village because this place has a lot of beautiful check-in coordinates. From houses with thatched roofs of coconut leaves, built of clean wood, surrounded by tall coconut trees, to a small grocery store decorated with cute miniatures, it is both a place to cool off and a good photo corner because it doesn’t touch the goods. with anywhere else. On the way, visitors also encounter many beautiful ponds and lakes releasing lotuses and guns, adorning the scenery with wooden bridges, designed in an arc to form a straight path, creating a beautiful and peaceful scene. strangely.

Miss Kieu’s grocery store. Photo: FB Green Village Ecotourism Area

When traveling to Green Village, don’t forget to save precious moments at many beautiful and unique views with your family and friends.

3. Play free at the Green Village tourist area

After taking a walk to enjoy the surrounding scenery, you must immediately participate in the exciting fun in the Green Village. It can be said that most of the entertainment services here are boldly rustic but extremely creative and not inferior to Lan Vuong tourist area .

Is there anyone who is not excited and excited to be able to put on a grandmother’s shirt, lightly wrap a bandana on her head or shoulders, and then join her close friends to break the game one by one, get on the bus to return to childhood with the game? swing bridge, bike ride over the boardwalk or swing over the lake. And yet, visitors should prepare mentally to go waterfall skiing or rafting on the river. But being chosen to participate the most among the many games in Green Village is slapping the ditch to catch fish because of its literal muddiness and rolling, causing a lot of laughter for players and people alike. cheering on the shore.

Cycling across the bridge at Ben Tre Green Village. Photo: dulichtoivaban

4. Relax at the music tea room

If Hue has royal court music with a scholarly style, the West, specifically Ben Tre, possesses a popular but equally famous art form, which is Don ca tai tu – one of the “specialties”. “contains Southern culture. Therefore, at Green Village, you can enjoy these idyllic but sweet, melodious tunes at the music tea room on the resort’s premises.

5. Discover the culinary paradise of Green Village

In addition to the experience of participating in fun and attractive activities, the Green Village eco-tourism area also captivates many tourists with the famous Ben Tre delicacies .

Delicious dishes at Green Village Eco restaurant. Photo: langxanheco

It is a long list of dishes that have just been heard and are hard to resist such as fish hotpot, coconut worms, cork beef salad, seafood green skin pomelo salad, fish cakes, shrimp cakes made from freshly caught ingredients. Roi Roi, or roasted sesame chicken with typical cakes of Ben Tre cuisine such as banh xeo with coconut tofu, banh khot with coconut milk, Cong cake,…

Cotton cork salad. Photo: halotravel

All of them have a rich Western flavor and are beautifully and colorfully presented. If the dishes have satisfied the taste and sight of visitors, the drinking water in Green Village is new and unique with funny and extremely “chill” names suitable for young people like I love you, Green Village. Beautiful, Ben Tre dawn, Rainy day, Autumn in the garden, Green river, Afternoon in my hometown,…

6. Tell you where to stay when traveling to Green Village

If you plan to go for more than a day and are wondering where to spend the night, don’t worry because you just need to contact the resort immediately about the length of your stay and you will receive the details of your stay. The system of hotels and motels includes 8 modern and comfortable resorts here.

Country style bedroom. Photo: halotravel

In particular, there are some rooms here built in the style of a simple, rustic cottage, promising for you to experience the countryside with thatched roofs and simple wooden walls that you know well. Each room has a double bed and a separate bathroom. The interior impresses many visitors with bamboo tables and chairs, mini bar,… The rooms are equipped with double beds and private bathrooms. Surrounding each motel or bedroom is a garden planted with all kinds of fruit trees, flowers, and lively ponds. All help visitors have both the feeling of being close, fully immersed in nature and at the same time relaxing with the most complete rest moments.

Overnight accommodation in coconut hamlet, Photo: langxanheco

Even more amazing when the overnight room rental for an ideal resort like this is only 600,000 VND/2 people/1 unit. It’s really too nutty.

Notes when coming to Ben Tre Green Village

For a safe and fun trip to Ben Tre and check in to Green Village, visitors need to note some of the following notes:

The first is due to the characteristics of the river landscape, so before visiting the games here, you should remember to bring some necessary items such as dry clothes (2-4 sets depending on the schedule, shampoo, shower gel, etc.) sunscreen, anti-mosquito).

Waterfall slide. Photo: dulichtoivaban

To stay safe, it is recommended to rent an extra life jacket if you do not know how to swim or have young children with you when participating in water games.

Another point to keep in mind is that the Green Village tourist area will charge a fee for food and drinks from outside.

With the above sharing, hopefully, the above article will give you great experiences at Green Village. As soon as the new epidemic ends, hurry up and plan a trip to Ben Tre , “move” to this place right away. Green space with eyes, many interesting games with delicious dishes are waiting for you to discover.

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