29.04.2021, 18:32

Vietnamese tourists pay stronger attention to sustainable tourism

Vietnamese tourists pay stronger attention to sustainable tourism

Avani Quy Nhon resort honoured by the golden certificate of Green Growth 2050. (Photo: Booking.com)   

NDO – According to a survey by Booking.com, one of the world's leading digital travel companies, nearly 100% of Vietnamese tourists want to stay in eco-friendly accommodations at least once.

The survey was conducted with 29,349 participants from 30 travel markets found that 81% of global travellers aspire to stay in eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable accommodations at least once. Accordingly, almost 1,005 Vietnamese tourists aged 18 years and over who participated in the survey expressed their desire for these kinds of accommodations. Meanwhile, the figure is 98% in Thailand, 90% in Singapore and 81% in the Republic of Korea.

Previously, an online survey conducted by Booking.com in July 2020, with the participation of 20,934 people from 28 countries and territories around the world, showed that over 53% of global visitors, including 59% from Vietnam, 68% from Thailand and 60% from Chinese Taipei, admitted that they pay more attention to sustainable tourism as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Anthony Lu, Country & Mekong Region Head (China) at Booking.com, its study proved many restrictions enacted globally have inspired 59% of Vietnamese travellers to prioritise sustainable travel in the future. This is a positive sign that travellers will be more considerate before they make decisions about their future travels, while also being aware that any sustainable actions they take will help correct their impact on the environment. No matter how small or simple, Vietnamese visitors are believed to have a great impact on the environment and the tourism sector.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made global residents to re-evaluate their effects on their surroundings, towards sustainable travel in the future after travel restrictions are removed.

In fact, Vietnam is an advantageous country for sustainable tourism development. The country possesses nine world biosphere reserves recognised by UNESCO and over 30 national parks, including six ASEAN heritage parks that maintain their ecosystems, diversity and values of population. Notably, Vietnam owns 400 hot water resources, ranks 27th out of 156 nations with seas in the world with 125 beaches, most of which are beautiful. It is also among the 12 countries with the most beautiful bays (Ha Long and Nha Trang).

Over the years, tourism activities in Vietnam have been held towards sustainable tourism, with many resorts receiving international green certificates such as EarthCheck and Green Growth 2050, including Banyan Tree Lang Co in Hue City, Caravelle Saigon, Angsana Lang Co, Avani Quy Nhon, Anantara Mui Ne Resort and Spa, Harbour View Hai Phong and Anantara Hoi An Resort.

EarthCheck is the world's leading consulting, certification and benchmarking group for travel. Since 1987, they have helped businesses, communities and governments provide clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. To achieve Earthcheck certification, real estates must have sustainable policies such as: greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, land use planning and management, air quality and noise control, and wastewater management.

Green Growth 2050 is based on a series of sustainable standards on environment and hotels that are internationally recognised. Green Growth 2050 has been developed to meet the needs of travel businesses and agencies that are looking for current solutions for problems driving social, cultural and environmental changes.

Translated by NDO