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You should check in 10 unknown islands in Vietnam

This summer, if you want to live virtual freedom, visit 10 unknown islands in Vietnam to experience the wild and captivating sea taste. 

Minh Chau Island

Minh Chau island commune belongs to Quan Lan island of Quang Ninh province. This place is like a “sleeping paradise” of the province. This island possesses many beautiful beaches with the color of the sea in the bottom, suitable for exploring in hot summer.

You should check in 10 unknown islands in Vietnam

Minh Chau is a pristine island of Quang Ninh province. Photo: Thanh Cong

It can be said that Minh Chau is one of the few famous islands in Vietnam with the most attractive beauty. On the island, there are many beaches such as Bai Rua, Bai Su Sung, Bai Minh Chau, … mesmerizingly beautiful. In addition, the burning meadows and the small forests on the island are also excellent virtual living coordinates.

The island is deserted, few people and the sea is fresh. Photo: Lion Trip

In Minh Chau island, visitors should go in the summer so that it is dry and convenient to explore the island. Do not forget to enjoy the peanut worm, steamed squid, grilled clam, tu comedy, shrimp, … These are all delicious specialties of Minh Chau island.

On the Vietnam island tourism map, Vinh Thuc Island is gradually asserting its position compared to many other islands. Vinh Thuc is considered as the “muse” of Quang Ninh province because of its peaceful, poetic and pure scene.

Vinh Thuc Island is so beautiful to love. Photo: Travel Explore Quang Ninh Mong Cai Vinh Thuc Island

Vinh Thuc Island is about 20 km from Mong Cai city, with an area of ​​5000 hectares and less than 1000 people. This place is pristine, idyllic with paths leading around the island, covered with tropical forests and beautiful beaches such as Bai Dau Dong, Bai Ben Hen.

Peaceful and relaxing scene on the island. Photo: Hong Anh Pham

On the island of Vinh Thuc, visitors can go to the lighthouse on the island to watch the sunrise. In addition, sitting on the sea to welcome the sunset is also a very poetic experience. In Vinh Thuc, there are gradually travel services with lovely homestay, with many delicious food shops, promising to bring memorable experiences for visitors.

Monkey Island is also known as Cat Dua Island, belonging to Cat Ba archipelago, Hai Phong province. The island is very primitive, has a circumference of about 3 km and is home to many monkeys. On the island, visitors will suddenly meet intelligent and mischievous monkeys.

Monkey Island is a famous island in Cat Ba. Photo: Mekong smile

In addition to the monkeys, when on the island, visitors also have the opportunity to explore two beautiful beaches, Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2. Behind the two beaches are large gardens with many tropical plants such as wild pineapple. , white apple, maple, … make the scene more poetic.

Monkey on the island is very smart and mischievous. Photo: muadulich

Going to Hai Phong Monkey Island, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean, climbing mountains to see the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay or buying diving tours to explore the ocean bed. Nowadays, Monkey Island has developed gradually in terms of tourism, having enough rest and food services to meet all the needs of tourists.

An Binh Island is also an unknown island in Vietnam. This island is also known as Dao Be, in the Ly Son island district. Be Island is about 7 km from Ly Son Island, with a small area but beautiful sea scenery. The clear blue waters and pristine beaches contribute to a captivating scene.

An Binh Island has a seductive beauty. Photo: VnExpress

Compared to bustling Ly Son, Be Island is somewhat quieter. However, more and more tourists are visiting Be Island to discover the beautiful and clean beaches. It is also ideal for coral viewing, snorkeling and swimming. In summer, the color of the sea here is clear and beautiful everywhere.

This place is suitable for checking in virtual live, swimming. Photo: otavietnam

On An Binh Island, in addition to exploring the sea, visitors can also walk in the village, explore the beautiful frescoes. These are works depicting the idyllic life of the islanders. In addition, there are murals depicting scenes under the ocean.

Diep Son is an island in Khanh Hoa province, famous for its walking path in the sea when the tide falls. In the summer, Diep Son is like “the Maldives of Vietnam” because the scene is so wild and romantic. Compared with “Tu Binh”, the beautiful scenery in Diep Son is not inferior.

Diep Son is famous for its walking path in the sea. Photo: Kegnomestay

Summer is the best time for you to explore Diep Son. The weather was dry and warm at this time and the sea water was very blue. Setting foot on the island, visitors have the opportunity to experience a walking path connecting 3 islands, about 700 meters long.

Attractive destination of Khanh Hoa province. Photo: Dulichchat

Besides exploring the beautiful road on Diep Son Island, visitors can also enjoy swimming or kayaking experience. In particular, you can also hire a boat to explore other nearby islands. The wild picture of the island here promises to bring many memorable experiences.

One of the archipelagos that possess beautiful beaches in Vietnam is Nam Du Archipelago in Kien Giang province. For tourists in the South, this archipelago is not too strange. Nam Du tourism has also developed gradually in recent years.

Nam Du – beautiful archipelago of Kien Giang province. Photo: Vntrip

Discovering Nam Du, you have the opportunity to go on the exclusive road around Hon Lon, check in Bai Cay Men, snorkel and watch the corals at Hai Bo Dam island or enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach on Hon Mau Nam Du .

On the island there are many beautiful beaches. Photo: ivivu

According to the experience of many tourists exploring Vietnamese sea and islands, it only takes 2-3 days for you to fully experience on this archipelago. Currently, Nam Du has many beautiful resorts and homestays to serve the needs of tourists. Not to mention, the fresh and delicious seafood on the island is also a great plus point for this archipelago.

Hon Nua is a pristine island in Phu Yen province, located right at the foot of Ca pass. On the uninhabited island, there is only one undulating mountain over 100 meters high and the clear blue beaches, smooth white sand.

Hon Nua is a small pristine island of Phu Yen. Photo: vietnamtimes

From the mainland, tourists take a boat to the island for about 30 minutes to see a beautiful Hon Nua exposed. The boat dock is also the time when tourists burst into the sea.

Beach with soft white sand, embraced by charming clear blue water. A little further away are the rocky rapids of all shapes facing the ocean, extremely poetic and poetic.

There are no residents here. Photo: Hieu Thien

Discovering Hon Nua, visitors can immediately jump into the clear blue water to bathe. Or you can find rocky waves, quiet the wind, and sit fishing. In addition, diving watching the coral or organizing a BBQ on the sea is also a great experience to try when visiting Phu Yen Hon Nua.

Hai Thinh Nam Dinh beach is also an unknown sea and island area in Vietnam. This beach is located in Thinh Long town, Hai Hau district. This is one of the beautiful beaches of the province with a length of 3km, peaceful sea scenery, gentle rhythm of life and many attractive seafood dishes.

Hai Thinh beach is located in Tien Hai district, Nam Dinh. Photo: nhan_ddv

Hai Thinh Nam Dinh beach does not have too blue water color or smooth white sand like other pristine islands of Vietnam. However, this beach has a fairly long sandy beach, on the coast there is a beautiful church. Coming here to watch the sunrise and take pictures and check in virtual live, I have to say “number of books”.

The collapsed church is located on the Hai Thinh beach. Photo: VnExpress

Check in Hai Thinh beach, visitors can radiate swimming, take a few commemorative photos, get up early to watch the sunrise or experience shrimp fishing. Do not forget to enjoy the delicious specialties, which are sold in many stalls along the coast.

On the marine tourism map of Vietnam, Dong Chau beach in Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province is gradually making a strong impression. The beach here is relatively wide, the sand is gentle and there are rows of green casuarina spreading along the coast.

Dong Chau beach is rustic and simple. Photo: chodulich

Tourists coming to Dong Chau enjoy swimming, playing sports activities or organizing teambuilding on the beach. On weekends or public holidays, the beach is crowded with visitors from near and far. The sea and island picture here becomes more vibrant and bustling.

Traveling to Dong Chau sea, you have the opportunity to discover famous dishes such as salad, jellyfish salad, salt jellyfish, … In addition, the most attractive dish that you cannot ignore is Quynh Coi fish soup. .

Although not as famous as My Khe beach, Lang Van beach is very popular with young people in Da Nang. This beach is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass, the beach is wide and beautiful. This is where there is a small village of people, peaceful and poetic scene.

Lang Van Beach is a place with a beautiful, fresh and poetic landscape of Da Nang. Photo: Da nang resort

The sea water at this beach is cool, clear and relatively clean. Everyone who comes here wants to immerse themselves in the cool water, swim freely to forget the passionate feeling of the summer day. In particular, Lang Van is also a very ideal picnic and camping coordinate.

Beach stretches, blue water is beautiful. Photo: samgrandhotel

Lang Van beach is almost separated from the urban center of Da Nang. So coming here for fun or picnic, remember to prepare enough tents, drinks and food to enjoy the chill life on this romantic beach.

Traveling to Da Nang, you remember to explore Lang Van beach. Photo: motogo

The above are 10 unknown sea and islands in Vietnam with charming, wild and pure beauty. Depending on your preference and living position, you will choose the ideal sea area to explore in this sunny summer.

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