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Chongqing forest red leaf season

CAO BANG – Maple tree in the season of changing leaves dyed red a patch of forest, prominent on the green Ban Viet lake.

The maple season turns yellow and red in Chongqing district which takes place from December to the end of January next year. The area where many species of red-leaf trees appear and the most beautiful is on the Ban Viet Lake.

The forest is filled with yellow and red colors, stretching immensely when viewed from above. Surrounding forest trees, embracing the emerald green lake, have a primitive, tranquil beauty.

From Hanoi, tourists move along the Hanoi – Bac Giang Expressway, turn on Highway 3A to Trung Khanh town and continue north for 13 km. The lake is located near Ban Gioc tourist area, convenient to visit.

The lakeside road is flat and spacious for cars to enter. Around there are ancient stone villages of the Tay for visitors to explore.

Ban Viet freshwater lake, about 5 hectares wide, is a place for camping and trekking attracting tourists. In addition to watching the scenery on the winding roads, visitors coming here can sit by boat, enjoy the fresh air on the calm lake surface.

The forest interwoven between green, yellow, and red colors makes many visitors think of the European forest scene. Regularly taking pictures, Pham Huu Tuyen said he was very impressed with the four seasons here. “Late autumn, early winter is when the trees turn from dark green to yellowish, glowing red after being worn out, creating a landscape like temperate maple forest,” he said.

Red leaf tree is a maple tree, also known as the latter, grows wildly in the forest of Cao Bang. Trees belong to the big tree family, can grow up to 10 m high.

The posterior leaf blade is oval, the leaf tip is pointed, the leaf tail is wedge-shaped, the most beautiful reddish at the end of December. In addition, the leaves are fragrant, often used by indigenous people as raw vegetables, fried beef or pound the water with five colors sticky rice on holidays and Tet.

Early in the morning, when the mist falls on the lake surface is the best time for visitors to admire the scenery. Note that the weather in Cao Bang is quite cold, the morning is only about 3 to 10 degrees Celsius, visitors should prepare towels, hats … to keep warm.

Ngoc Diep/vnexpress

Photo: Pham Huu Tuyen

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