06.03.2023, 14:55

7 out of 10 Vietnamese people play games

Samsung Electronics recently released a market research report on gaming in the Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) region. The study, conducted in collaboration with ONE Esport, surveyed over 6,800 consumers aged 18-49 in seven markets including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam during Q4/2022. The study found that 59% of respondents play games at least a few times a week, with the top reason for playing games being to reduce stress and relax (84%). On average, each person spends 6 hours per week on electronic games, and 89% of users prefer to participate in games comfortably at home.
Additionally, 69% of gamers surveyed are willing to spend an average of $30 per month on in-game purchases such as exclusive online content, e-sports event tickets, subscription fees for streamers, costumes, and collections. The study categorized participants into four types: Professional Gamers, Game Enthusiasts, Casual Gamers and Viewers, and Regular Gamers.
The study found that professional gamers invest heavily in their hobbies. The top activities related to gaming include watching gameplay videos, discussing games with others, reading news and updates about games, spending money on in-game items, and following top gamers on social media. Carl Nordenberg, Director of Mobile Experience Business in Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania, shared that gaming is not only a hobby but also an activity that brings people together. The gaming community in this region is huge, and this study shows the separate gaming needs and habits of players and esports fans.
According to Jane Guo, Vice President of Analytics & Insights at One Esports, the Southeast Asia and Oceania region has a huge market of gaming enthusiasts and professional esports fans who always seek high-performance gaming experiences when buying devices and accessories such as smartphones, laptops, headphones, and monitors.