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HCMC launches metrology improvement project

Improving production, quality

Deputy Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology Nguyen Thi Kim Hue said a project to strengthen and renovate measurement activities to support Vietnamese enterprises in improving their competitiveness is essential for companies to exchange and share experiences in measurement techniques and improve productivity and quality.

The goal of Ho Chi Minh City is to promote measurement innovation in 100,000 enterprises by 2030. This year, the city’s Department of Science and Technology is expected to implement the Measurement Assurance Program for 200 enterprises. The department will also foster and improve professional expertise in metrology for over 240 officials involved in measurement activities.

Enterprises will be able to apply for the program on advanced measurement technology and renovate equipment and tools to implement new measurement processes. In addition, employees will be eligible for activities to foster and improve technical and managerial expertise in metrology.

Focusing on specific goals

Ho Huu Thai, Laboratory Manager of the Dien Quang Joint Stock Company, said his company has procured various measuring, and product quality control equipment according to its needs. These include a Goniophotometer System dark room to measure light intensity distribution of lamps, an LED life cycle test system, and an LED chip parameter test system. Results will be compared with independent testing laboratories to ensure that product quality meets production requirements.

Improving production and business capacity to join the global supply chain

The Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVN HCMC) has also used mobile testing equipment, electronic meters in combination with a remote automatic data collection system to periodically check electricity meters in order to address customer requirements for checking and verifying electricity consumption. Participating in the Metrology Assurance Program, EVN HCMC wants to receive support for gradual modernization of its test management stages, and develop a smart metering system to ensure optimal customer use of utilities.

Vietnamese enterprises often have to invite foreign experts at very high cost to serve their needs given the shortage of high-tech laboratories. Therefore, the city’s Department of Science and Technology needs to create a link between relevant units and enterprises to reach consensus on more reasonable test and measurement costs. Enterprises also need to develop feasible objectives, solutions and funding for the implementation of the program suited to their specific needs, meeting their production and business development orientations.

The Measurement Assurance Program helps enterprises strengthen links with domestic or foreign enterprises and scientific and technological organizations in research and technology transfer of advanced metrology. Participating companies can also deploy cooperation, joint exploitation and use of standard measuring instruments, testing equipment, or other tools to perform program tasks.

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