13.04.2022, 13:00

New technologies enhance coal mining output, safety

Pioneering mechanization

Its location in a rather complicated geological structure made it difficult for Mong Duong Coal JSC to synchronously apply heavy equipment and machinery in coal mining at a depth of more than 400 meters. To overcome the problem, the company's management board proposed applying light-weight CGH technology to create a mining system with low investment costs and high output.

By 2019, Mong Duong Coal had become the first unit in the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation to put this technology to the test. It acquired equipment with total investment of more than VND118 billion, including mobile hydraulic standing frames, coal excavators, and coal collection rakes. Mong Duong Coal also built an underground transport system to improve the coal transport capacity from 1.2 million to 1.5 million tonnes per year. The mobile hydraulic standing frames helped reduce manual labor, increase productivity, and ensure more labor safety. The current productivity of workers exploiting coal directly in the mine ranges from 17 to 20 tonnes each.

Within two years, the system had justified its cost, opening up underground coal mining opportunities. Compared with the traditional mining method, the output of light-weight CGH automation-computerization technology is more than twice as high and labor productivity approximately five times as high. Specifically, the total 2021 output reached 320,000 tonnes, exceeding the design capacity of 20,000 tonnes, yielding 1,500,000th tonnes of coal.

Promoting mechanization in coal mining

Technological innovation

The application of new technology in production helped fulfill the company's production targets. In 2022, the company strives to maintain production for the second quarter at no lower than 27 percent of the year’s plan, and 24 and 26 percent each for the third and fourth quarters. In order to implement this plan, the company is completing technological design stages to ensure production requirements. It is also planning to use the XDY and ZH-1600 hydraulic support frames for mining, in accordance with the conditions and geological features to improve productivity at the underground mining site.

In addition, the company will use ZRY standing frames and maintain continuous operations of the CGH line to increase the exploitation progress, while also using mechanical equipment in the mining process. It will also install coal transport lines and arrange reasonable transport plans to reduce manpower.

Mong Duong Coal’s application of modern technology not only improves mining output, it also reduces coal loss, improves worker safety and contributes to greening the environment for sustainable development.

By mid-2023, the Mong Duong Coal Joint Stock Company is expected to start digging a vertical well +8/-425

to transport people, materials, ventilation and drainage at -400-meter level. The total investment will reach

about VND1.33 trillion. The well will be put into use in 2026.

Xuyen Chi