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Vietnam determinedly ensures national cyber security

Vietnam has gone a long way towards establishing its own e-government and digital government. In that journey, it has faced numerous risks regarding information safety and has discovered the critical role of national cyber security to the overall success of this process.

SOC (Security Operation Center) by VNPT is monitoring the cyber security status. (Photo: SGGP)

Statistics from major domestic cyber security enterprises reveal that digitalizing data of private and state organizations has made these pieces of valuable information a tempting target for cyber criminals, who are increasingly sophisticating.

No matter how large or small a business or organization is, it is the potential victim of thousands of viruses and malware programs in the world. In 2020, there were nearly 1 million cyber attacks in Vietnam, focusing mostly on major IT systems.

Covid-19 pandemic has led to a more active use of the virtual space for working and daily operations, which means a higher potential of information leak and stealing due to an abnormal rise of cyber attacks via malware, especially Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) ones.

Head of the Authority of Information Security Nguyen Thanh Phuc stated that since digital transformation is a must of all private and state organizations, strict cyber security becomes a strong indispensable fortress to protect all achievements so far of the community, hence its critical role in any development strategy.

One of the most active agencies in the Vietnam Malware and Cyber-Attack Prevention Alliance is VNPT, which is often the leader in developing cyber security ecosystems for itself as well as other organizations nationwide.

Its Security Operation Center (SOC) specializes in dealing with cyber security problems 24/7. Using one platform for all aspects of cyber safety, the center can integrate various functions simultaneously to timely detect cyber attacks and stop them from spreading further, which effectively minimizing damages to IT systems and their owners. SOCs have saved millions of dollars from information safety activities for businesses as well as individuals.

At the moment, VNPT is cooperating with IBM to develop VNPT MSS (VNPT Managed Security Service) – a platform to monitor and manage the cyber security status of an organization, while providing necessary support to rescue IT systems from any attack,

The service is expected to become the immune system for Vietnam on its way to transform into a digital country with a strong and safe digital government.

By Quynh Luu – Translated by Huong Vuong

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