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Deferment of excise tax payment allowed for local auto businesses

HCMC – The Government has issued Decree 36, allowing local auto manufacturers and assemblers to extend their payments of special consumption tax or excise tax until November of this year.

Under the decree, local auto makers with outstanding special consumption tax amounts payable for the tax period of June, July, August, and September could opt to make their excise tax payments no later than November 20.

Taxpayers can request an extension of excise tax payment online through tax authorities or directly work with tax officers for eligibility.

The deferment of tax payments also applies to the branches and car dealers of local auto manufacturers, who are required to make tax declarations with the direct tax authority.

This marks the fourth time since 2020 that the Government has deferred excise tax payments for locally manufactured and assembled cars. Last year, this policy supported local businesses with a deferred excise tax amount of over VND9,600 billion.

Decree 36 will be effective from June 21 until the end of this year. Following the extension period, special consumption tax must be paid in accordance with the applicable law.

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