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Amending, supplementing the Law on Land to overcome limitations

Amending, supplementing the Law on Land to overcome limitations

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong raised the issue of land management and use at the closing session of the 5th Party Central Committee Conference held on May 10.

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong stated that the Party Central Committee unanimously issued a new Resolution on "Continuing to renovate and complete institutions, policies; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of land management and use; create a driving force to turn our country into a developed country with high-income.

The Central Committee believes that it is necessary to draw experience, supplement and develop the Central Resolution 6 in the direction of affirming: Land belongs to the people, and the State is the owner representative under an unified management. The State recovers land to use for national defense and security purposes, serving national interests, public interests and socio-economic development projects in accordance with the law, ensuring justice, openness and transparent", said the General Secretary.

According to him, land management and use must ensure the common interests of the people; People are given favorable conditions to access and use land in an equitable, efficient and sustainable manner. The State uniformly manages land according to the national territory, both in terms of area, quality, economic, cultural, social, national defense, security and environmental values; reasonable assignment among state management agencies at the central level, while maintaining appropriate and effective decentralization of powers for localities.

"Land use right is the right to use a special type of property and goods but it is not an ownership right; the right to use land and properties attached to land is protected by law. Land users have rights and obligations under the law.

The State does not acknowledge the reclaiming of land that has been allocated by the State to other organizations and individuals for usage in the course of implementing policies and laws on land; no issues raised on adjusting the agricultural land that has been allocated to households and individuals; establish policies for agricultural land to be used in the most efficient way.

Institutions and policies on land must be completed synchronously and in line with the institution of socialist-oriented market economic development, including policies suitable for subjects, types of land use to enhance potentials and bring the land resources into full play; resolutely overcome the situation of land speculation, improper land use, wastefulness, corruption, negativity, causing complaints and frustration among the people", the General Secretary's speech read.

The General Secretary also stated that it is necessary to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the State's land management. Modernize land management and land public services. Consolidate and perfect the organizational system of land management apparatus in a centralized, synchronous and unified manner. Improve the role and capacity of state management agencies, judicial agencies in settling complaints, denunciations and disputes over land.

Land must be fully investigated, assessed, surveyed, inventoryed, quantified and accounted for in the economy; be planned for rational use, with a long-term vision, harmonize interests between generations and regions; between central and local governments; between socio-economic development and assurance of national defense and security; environmental protection and adaptation to climate change; ensure national food security. Resolve the limitations, problems in the management and use of land left by history and from new requirements through practice.

On the basis of unifying awareness, fully and deeply grasping the aforementioned points of view and guiding ideas, this Central Conference has deeply analyzed, evaluated and highly agreed on the solutions, undertakings and orientations to continue renovating, perfecting and organizing the implementation of land laws and policies, the first of which is amending and supplementing the 2013 Law on Land along with related laws to overcome long-standing limitations and weaknesses, especially those related to land use planning, land allocation and land lease; support and compensation resettlement, land acquisition; land finance policy and land price determination; system of management and use for agricultural land; land derived from state-owned agricultural and forestry farms, land for worship, religion, cemeteries and graveyards purposes; state management of land...", the General Secretary informed the conference.

Author: Tung Dinh

Translated by Nguyen Hai Long