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The teacher just held the sleeping child in her arms while teaching directly

Ms. Thien An said, that day, as usual, she will go to check the classes to see the teaching situation. When passing class 6A4, seeing Ms. C. holding a sleeping baby in her arms while teaching, the female principal recorded this touching image.

On her personal page, the female principal wrote: “You can report busy or tired so that you can stay at home to open online classes while teaching and taking care of your children. However, from District 12, I took my children and computers to school. I can rest because I’m treating F0, but ask students to bring computers to connect…”

The teacher just held the sleeping child in her arms while teaching directly
The teacher holds a sleeping child in her arms while teaching directly (Photo: Thien An)

“Looking at that picture, I see that my colleagues are very responsible for their profession,” said Ms. Thien An.

Thien An calls this a dose of anti-epidemic vitamins, so that everyone can smile in the middle of the day at every F0, F1.

The teacher who holds the baby to sleep in her arms while teaching directly is Ms. Tran Thi Kim C, a Geography teacher, Thanh Da Secondary School. House in District 12, every day to go to school, Ms. C, has to move quite far.

Ms. C said she has two children at home. My 5 year old son is attending preschool. The baby is only 28 months old being held by her mother to sleep. Normally, children are also sent to kindergarten but only attend one morning. Therefore, at noon, they have to pick up their children and ask their neighbors to look after them. But that day, the neighbor’s house was busy with work, the husband went on a business trip. Reluctantly, Miss C took her child to school.

“That day, at the end of the afternoon, I was sleepy, so I asked my mother to hold me. I had no choice but to hold my baby and teach. What I worry about is that the students in the class will lose focus, but fortunately they are obedient and understand how to focus on studying. My colleagues at school also sympathize with me,” said Ms. C.

It is known that during the Lunar New Year, the female teacher was also infected with Covid-19 and fortunately recovered to teach directly after Tet.

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