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Mom let me study at home because gasoline is up to 60,000 VND/liter

In the UK, parents can send their children home schooling because they cannot afford gas when they send their children to school.

MP Robert Halfon (UK) said mothers are having to make the painful choice of being forced to homeschool their children because they cannot pay for fuel. The price of petrol in the UK has increased so much that, refueling a family car costs more than 90 pounds (about 2.7 million VND).

Mom let me study at home because gasoline is up to 60,000 VND/liter
Mother let her children stay home from school because gas is too expensive (Artwork)

“I’ve had people tell me that they have to sleep in the parking lot overnight because they can’t afford gas and the ability to drive home,” Halfon said. He added: “A mother who is sending her child to school told me that she is thinking of homeschooling her child because the cost of driving to school is too expensive. That’s the biggest cost to millions of people.”

MPs were furious and pressured Finance minister Rishi Sunak to cut fuel taxes to help struggling families facing expensive fuel costs.

Mr. Halfon is also one of the MPs standing up to call for action from the Ministry of Finance. Jake Berry, Member of Parliament for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has asked Mr. Sunak to provide adequate support. “With fuel costs currently at £2/litre in some areas, it has resulted in a large VAT revenue collection for the Treasury.”

Doan Hung(According to The Sun)

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