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Ms. Thai Huong honored on Forbes’ inaugural list of 50 most influential Asian women

Ms. Thai Huong honored on Forbes’ inaugural list of 50 most influential Asian women

Ms. Thai Huong - Founder of TH Group and General Director of Bac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank of Vietnam - is honored on Forbes' list of 50 Asian women over 50 with great international influence. 

According to Forbes, Ms. Thai Huong is renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to Vietnam's agricultural industry. “She boosted the country’s dairy industry with the group's investment in cow breeding and farming in 2008 using technology from Israel, helping to lower the ratio of milk products using milk powder to 60% (as of 2020) from 92%. She made more bold moves in the last few years by investing in milk product manufacturing in Russia and Australia. The investment project in Russia, planned at a total $2,7 billion capital, is near completion of phase one, with a milk factory expected to open in May 2022.”, the prestigious financial magazine notes.

The list, which is an extension of the popular American franchise, aims to highlight women over the age of 50 who, in achieving their most powerful positions and making their greatest impact, are shattering age and gender norms.

This is the first year of the Forbes 50 Over 50 list, which honors female politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and experts in their sixth decade of life, with over 10,000 nominations across the globe.

Ms. Thai Huong is also the only Vietnamese invited to speak at the World Knowledge Forum 2019 in Korea, where she was presented with the Power Entrepreneur Award.

In 2020, she was honored with the Gender Equality Commitment Leadership Award by the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) as part of the Program on Empowering Women in Asia.

The Times of London (UK) also included a story on the Founder of TH, stressing her role in establishing TH and building "an extraordinary tribute to the agriculture of the future."

Ms. Thai Huong was also honored by Forbes on Top 50 Asia's Powerful Businesswomen in 2015, 2016, and is regarded as the "powerful milkwoman" of Vietnam.

Ms. Thai Huong leads the TH Group in the operation of several clean food and beverage initiatives, the most visible of which is the "Concentrated dairy farming and milk processing on a high-tech industrial scale" project, which produces fresh milk branded TH genuine Milk. The Nghe An project, which began in October 2009 with a USD 1.2 billion investment, has achieved a world record for "Cluster of high-tech concentrated dairy farms with closed production processes on the greatest scale in the world," as verified by the World Records Union. The concentrated breeding cow dairy project is being extended into a number of provinces, including Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Thanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Soc Trang, Kon Tum, and An Giang... TH's focused breeding herd is expected to reach 70,000 heads in the near future.

TH's high-tech industrial-scale concentrated dairy farming and milk processing project led by Ms. Thai Huong has a total investment of USD 1.2 billion.

TH's fresh milk products and drinks are available in a number of ASEAN member nations (Cambodia, Philippines, Singapore...). Additionally, the group is the first to export fresh milk to China. Along with the clean and organic food ecosystems that exist in many parts of the nation, the firm has expanded into disciplines such as education and healthcare... The company is now developing and operating the TH school system, as well as establishing a 5-star international general hospital and electronic medical center in Hanoi.

In terms of international projects, TH is concentrating its efforts on Russia and Australia. TH acquired and invested in cattle farms in Northern and Western Australia. The business is currently developing two clusters of farms in the Russian Federation, in the Moscow and Kaluga regions. The TH Dairy Factory in Kaluga has begun construction on phase I, which will have a daily capacity of 500 tons. The dairy herd produces an average of roughly 40 liters of milk per head per day, which is the most in Russia.

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Translated by Linh Linh