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Cao Bang province associates for agriculture consumption

Cao Bang province associates for agriculture consumption

Melon products are produced according to VietGAP standards of Truong Anh Cooperative. Photo: Cong Hai.

Connection for solving problems

To connect the consumption of agricultural products to farmers, production and business establishments, Cao Bang province has issued a trade promotion plan for the period of 2021 - 2025; coordinate with departments, branches, units, and localities to grasp the supply and demand of agricultural products market regularly.

In addition, Cao Bang province has promoted the association with the Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities across the country to organize trade promotion fairs such as Quang Ninh OCOP Fair 2021, Agricultural Trade Promotion Fair, OCOP products 2021 at AEON MALL Long Bien (Hanoi), Agricultural Trade Promotion Fair, OCOP products in 2021 at AEON MALL Ha Dong (Hanoi), Regional Specialties Fair, Vietnam region 2021 in Hanoi…

Mr. Pham Duc Minh, Director of the Center for Industrial Promotion and Trade Promotion, Cao Bang Department of Industry and Trade, commented that through trade promotion activities, market expansion and product consumption in the province have many positive changes, bringing businesses, cooperatives, and economic organizations many opportunities for business development.

Many businesses and cooperatives have stood as the focal point to collect agricultural products of the province and bring them to fairs throughout the country to promote and introduce products.

Many customers favor grass duck products in Trung Khanh district. Photo: Cong Hai.

In the industrial revolution 4.0, the application of information technology in promoting trade and consumption of products, especially agricultural products, is a trend for development. Cao Bang Department of Industry and Trade invites businesses, cooperatives, and business households to participate in "Vietnamese online stalls". It is exempted from costs, supports participating in product promotion at fairs, first promotion programs, etc., investment, connecting supply and demand.

Promote market connection

Khau sli Na Giang (Ngoc Dao commune, Ha Quang district), also known as explosive sticky rice cake, is one of the local specialty cakes and certified as a 3-star standard OCOP product in Cao Bang province in 2020.

Currently, the whole Ngoc Dao commune has about 30 households engaged in traditional Khau sli. On average, each household has several tens of millions of VND. Some households work a lot all year round and earn more than VND 100 million. Thanks to Khau sli, many households escaped poverty.

Ms. Hoang Thi Diep, owner of Khau Ngoc Hai shop, Na Giang village, shared: I have about 20 years of experience in baking. About the last two months of the year, my family produces 300 - 500 packages of cakes every day. In 2021, despite the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the facility's Khau sli can still keep its output stable thanks to its guaranteed product quality, which many customers choose inside and outside the province.

Many families in Na Giang hamlet, Ngoc Dao commune, Ha Quang district preserve and develop the profession of making Khau sli cakes. Photo: Cong Hai.

According to the assessment of Cao Bang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the production and business situation of people, businesses, and agricultural cooperatives in the province in recent years have faced many difficulties. Many chains of production, supply, circulation, and consumption of agricultural products in provinces and cities were broken.

The signing of agricultural product sale and purchase contracts, export procedures to countries facing difficulties, prolonged customs clearance time increase costs; Consumption is slow, causing a backlog of agricultural products, and prices of many commodities falling deeply. Meanwhile, the cost of production materials and freight costs continuously increased (increased from 10-30%)...

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Truan, Deputy Director of Cao Bang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that regular stagnant agricultural products. In addition to the objective factors caused by the epidemic, the main problem is that the province's agricultural production is still small and fragmented, and many large-scale production areas have not been built to serve processing and export.

Enterprises, cooperatives, and livestock and farming households are not active and flexible in production and business; The association of production and consumption of products is still limited, so it is common for traders to force prices on prices.

Vermicelli production at Tan Viet A Agricultural Cooperative. Photo: Cong Hai.

Right from the beginning of the year, the Department actively developed and implemented groups of solutions to remove difficulties in production and consumption of agricultural products; promote the restructuring of the province's agricultural sector in association with new rural construction, create a close, multi-dimensional "link - cooperation" between management agencies, businesses, and farmers;

Orienting local authorities to effectively implement the "Smart Agriculture Project", encouraging farmers to change the structure of crops and livestock following the actual situation, giving priority to expanding the planting area for processing associated with production and consumption of products with enterprises;

Focusing on developing local specialty and endemic crops, renovating old and intensive farming areas, improving productivity and quality in association with building product brands...

The import and export of agricultural and aquatic products through the province have tended to increase compared to the same period in 2020. The province's main export agricultural products are peeled wood, cashew, dried chili, dragon fruit, dried cassava ..., contributing to increasing export turnover. In particular, many items with solid growth include peeled wood increased by 150%, aquatic products increased by 508%, and all kinds of fruits increased over the same period in 2020.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Truan, Deputy Director of Cao Bang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, with the participation of functional sectors and the cooperation and consensus of people, businesses, and cooperatives, he believes that in the coming time, Agricultural products of Cao Bang province will gradually assert their brands, be competitive and develop sustainably.

Author: Cong Hai

Translated by Ha Phuc