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Hanoi to speed up renovations of old apartment buildings

Hanoi to speed up renovations of old apartment buildings

Old apartment building C8 Giang Vo. (Photo: Duy Linh).   

NDO - Hanoi will speed up the comprehensive renovation and rebuilding of old apartment buildings in the area.

This content has been clearly defined in Decision No. 5289/QD-UBND of "Project on renovating and rebuilding old apartment buildings in Hanoi city" which has just been issued by the Hanoi People's Committee.

Accordingly, the city will conduct a general review, survey and inspection of old apartment buildings. Specifically, an Appraisal Council of the Hanoi municipal People's Committee will be established to appraise and issue inspection conclusions on the old apartment buildings; Promulgating the Inspection Plan (expected in December 2021) with the progress of each old apartment building year by year in the period 2021-2025, divided into four phases and striving to complete the inspection of all older apartment buildings before the third quarter of 2023.

In December 2021, the city issued a detailed planning study and plan, at the rate of 1/500, to renovate and rebuild old apartments in the area. In which, the orientation of planning solutions for three models of levels: Making detailed planning projects with the old apartment complexes with scales from 2 hectares; establish a total ground with a group of old apartment buildings with a scale of less than 2 hectares; setting up the total ground and implementing the consolidation scheme for old independent and single apartment buildings for on-site resettlement.

It is expected to complete the establishment and submit for approval the detailed planning, total ground, and the project to gather all apartment buildings by the fourth quarter of 2023.

Hanoi will establish an Appraisal Council of the City People's Committee or decentralize it to the district-level People's Committee to consider, appraise and submit to the competent authorities for approval, including the plan for compensation, support, resettlement, and temporary housing arrangements for apartment owners and users.

Simultaneously with the development of plans to implement key tasks and solutions, the City People's Committee assigns specific responsibilities to departments, branches, districts, towns and related agencies.

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