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Digital technology application to bring history closer to young public

Digital technology application to bring history closer to young public

Exhibition "Lighting the fire of love" in the form of free radio on the Spotify platform (Photo: Screenshot)   

NDO - As one of the relic sites pioneering the creation of attractive tourist products for the public, the Hoa Lo Prison Relic's Management Board held an exhibition entitled “Lighting the fire of love” on July 27.

The exhibition was organised in many forms, in particular on the Spotify and Apple Podcasts platforms. That was the first time the Hoa Lo Prison Relic's Management Board applied digital transformation on the Spotify and Apple Podcasts, two "giant" and popular music platforms amongst young people, to improve their communication efficiency and bring history closer to the public, especially the younger generation.

The programme was divided into two parts: “The source of love” and “The sacred fire burns forever”. “The source of love” reproduced the harsh life of patriotic revolutionary soldiers in the prison. In order to improve their lives, revolutionary soldiers continuously organised hunger strikes with slogans asking the authorities to provide them a better living standard and hygiene food. Despite being brutally repressed by the enemy, they remained undaunted and not disheartened. The strength of struggle formed a wave, making the enemy scared enough to grant concessions to the prisoners' demands.

The second section introduces images of today’s generation who have been continuing the tradition of their forefathers and joining hands to spread mutual affection amongst society. That sacred fire of love has contributed to igniting faith and creating a great motivation so that everyone can overcome their difficulties and contribute to building the country.

The model of octagonal bath area inside HOa Lo Prison. (Photo: Fanpage of Hoa Lo Prison)

In the display space, visitors can experience models of octagonal bath area, where male prisoners took collective baths in the past, as well as a room for relatives to visit and send supplies to prisoners. In addition, a space was arranged to feature precious documents and artifacts associated with the revolutionary careers of former political prisoners in Hoa Lo Prison.

In addition to the exhibition at the relic site, the management board also introduced display activities via the fanpage https://www.facebook.com/hoaloprisonrelic.

With this creation of excitement for the community in general and young people in particular, the relic's fanpage has now attracted more than 60,000 likes. This is the first time a media channel about Vietnamese history has attracted the attention of such a large number of young people.

Amidst the complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Hoa Lo Prison Relic’s Management Board pioneered the application of digital transformation to introduce online exclusive radio channels on Spotify and Apple Podcasts platforms, making it easier and more interesting for all to learn about the country’s history.

The exhibition is organised in the form of free radio on the Apple Podcast app. (Photo: fanpage of Hoa Lo Prison)

With attractive content and emotional music and voiceovers, the radio channels on the two "giant" digital platforms have really brought listeners into a real space, like going back to the past of the revolutionary soldiers, a past that was painful but heroic.

On the fan page of Hoa Lo Prison, most of the feedback about the radio shows on the Spotify and Apple Podcasts was from young people. After just 20 hours since posting the radio programme on Apple Podcasts, the fan page of Hoa Lo Prison Relic had received more than 1,400 new likes. Young people expressed their positive emotion towards the creative solution of the Relic’s Management Board as well as their eagerness to look forward to the next parts of "Lighting the fire of love".

It can be seen that the positive response of the young guests to the Hoa Lo Prison Relic’s trials on Spotify and Apple Podcasts apps is an optimistic signal for digital transformation in the activities of relic sites and museums in the current context.

In addition to the diverse and creative arrangement of the content, the application of technological advances will not only spread the images and stories of relic sites in particular, but also bring Vietnamese history in general closer to the public. It is also a necessary preparation towards serving visitors when the epidemic is brought under control.

Translated by NDO

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