25.06.2021, 09:05

International friends join Vietnam s Covid fight

International organizations are working with Vietnam on the nation's Covid-19 control effort.

World Vision Vietnam cooperates with the local authorities to spread knowledge on Covid-19.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has broken out in many countries around the world, including Vietnam. It has seriously affected socio-economic development and human health. International organizations have accordingly been making a joint effort with Vietnam to ensure people's safety and health.

On June 24, the Korea-Vietnam Culture Center (KOVI) and Wash Friends Co, in collaboration with the Red Cross Society of Hanoi held ceremony to give away 1,000 sets of adults clothes, 1,000 sets of children's clothes, 100 pairs of shoes, 20 sets of blankets and 100 boxes of instant noodles and sweets for disadvantaged families in Quoc Oai district, Hanoi.

The center hopes the gifts will help families in the district overcome difficulties during the pandemic.

In response to the Action Month for Children, World Vision Vietnam has organized a series of activities under the theme "Let's have fun - Let's fight Covid-19 | Ending violence at school and online in the Covid-19 context."

On June 21, in Muong Cha district (Dien Bien province), World Vision Vietnam collaborated with the District Culture Department, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Department, Women's Union, Education and Training Department, to launch the the contest in Hua Ngai, Sa Long and Huoi Leng communes.

World Vision Vietnam and Child Protection Committees organized communication activities in Minh Long and Son Tay districts (Quang Ngai province). From these events, about 9,260 children and parents gianed access to information and improved skills to prevent violence against children in schools.

PeaceTrees Vietnam contributed VND 23 million to the Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Binh province.

PeaceTrees Vietnam, the first U.S.NGO licenced to operate in UXO search and clearance in Vietnam, has fully equipped with protective materials for staff and given pandemic prevention supplies to children and teachers in kindergarten. Their staff also contributed support for the initial supplies for border forces of Quang Tri province and to support Laos in fighting the pandemic.

PeaceTrees appreciates the efforts of the government and people of Vietnam and the success that country has achieved in the fight against the epidemic. This June, to respond to the call of the Vietnam Government to contribute to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, PeaceTrees made contributions through three channels: the Vietnam-U.S. Society under the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations; the Department of Foreign Affairs of Quang Tri province; and the Department of Foreign Affairs of Quang Binh province.

The contribution totaled VND 69 million (US$ 3,000).

The Japanese Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City donated US$ 20,000 to Vietnam’s Covid-19 vaccine fund.

The association also called on its member companies to contribute to the fund. Together with the association, the Japan Business Association in Vietnam and the Japanese Business Association in Da Nang have donated to the fund.

The contribution demonstrates the Japanese business community’s support for the Vietnamese government’s drive to speed up the purchase of vaccines and mass vaccination against the coronavirus.

The national Covid-19 vaccine fund, an initiative to provid vaccines for the inoculation of at least 75% of the country’s population, had received over VND 7.5 trillion as of 5 p.m. on June 24, according to its management board.

The sum was donated by 339,650 individuals and organizations.

Vietnam needs VND 22.5 trillion to buy 150 million doses of the vaccine to inoculate 75 million people to achieve herd immunity.

Hannah Nguyen