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Vietnam Thailand Friendship Strong Development in Future

Vietnam has recently continued to affirm its stance: to strengthen and deepen bilateral cooperation with partners, especially strategic partners, comprehensive and other important partners. Thailand is currently a strategic partner of Vietnam.

Vietnam Thailand Friendship Strong Development in Future

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Vietnam and Thailand are two close neighbors in Southeast Asia. Geographical proximity, cultural similarities, natural conditions as well as economic circumstances are favorable preconditions that contribute to the formation of Vietnam-Thailand relations early in history. According to historical documents, the trade relationship between the two communities of Thai and Vietnamese appeared from the 12th century under the Sukhothai Dynasty (1238-1583). On the basis of developed trade relations, diplomatic relations were also gradually established and officially established from the early years of the Gia Long - Minh Mang period (1783 - 1833).

During the period of struggle against colonial aggression, Thailand became the revolutionary safehouse for President Ho Chi Minh and the stopping place of many Vietnamese patriotic activists before the August Revolution. Although President Ho Chi Minh's time in Thailand was not much (1928-1929), he left a very deep impression in the overseas Vietnamese community and was greatly admired and respected by Thai people and local authorities. President Ho Chi Minh laid a solid foundation for the long-term friendly relationship between Vietnam and Thailand.

Nguyen Phuong Nga, president of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations presents the Friendship Medal to Prapansak Bhatayanond, vice president of the Thailand - Vietnam Friendship Association.

An indispensable factor in the friendship between Vietnam and Thailand is the large Vietnamese community in Thailand. During many decades of doing business and living in Thailand, despite experiencing many hardships, our overseas Vietnamese have made many positive contributions to the socio-economic development in the host country, serving as a cultural bridge between the Vietnamese and Thai communities, enhancing mutual understanding between the two peoples.

The formation and development of the Vietnam-Thailand relationship in history, the great merits of President Ho Chi Minh, the contribution of the overseas Vietnamese community in Thailand, along with the significant benefits that the friendship and multifaceted cooperation between the two countries has brought about in many fields, which has affirmed and increasingly reinforced the consistent policy position of our Party and State in the relationship with Thailand.

That view has been clearly expressed in the policy statements and official documents of our Party and State and has been proven by the good results of the two countries' relations over the past 40 years.

After the end of the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese Government advocated for improving relations with Thailand. On July 5, 1976, Vietnam issued a four-point policy statement with Southeast Asian countries, which emphasized: Establishing good neighborly friendship, economic cooperation and cultural exchange on the basis of equality and mutual benefit; settle disputes between countries in the region through negotiation in the spirit of equality, mutual understanding and respect.

On August 6, 1976, Thai Foreign Minister Bhichai Ratakul visited Vietnam and signed a joint announcement on the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Thailand, opening a new page for the two countries' relations. Prime Minister Pham Van Dong's official visit to Thailand in August 1979 further fostered the friendship between the two countries. In the joint statement of the visit, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and Prime Minister Kriangsak Chomanan expressed their determination to develop the relationship between Vietnam and Thailand.

Since 1991, the relationship between the two countries has developed strongly, especially after Vietnam joined ASEAN in 1995.

On September 15, 2018, in Hanoi, the Thai Embassy held the "10th Annual Thailand Festival, 2018"

Over the past years, the two countries have also signed many cooperation agreements, creating a legal basis to promote bilateral cooperation in many fields: economy, trade, security and defense, transportation, agriculture, culture and tourism. Thailand is currently one of the 10 countries and territories with the largest investment capital in Vietnam. Thailand is Vietnam's largest trading partner in ASEAN and the two countries are striving to bring the turnover to US$20 billion/year.

The unique traditional and contemporary art space comes from the Southern Breeze dance troupe of Chiang Mai province (Thailand) in Vietnam

The two countries have also established many effective bilateral cooperation mechanisms, such as joint cabinet meeting (the two countries have had three joint cabinet meetings and are currently preparing for the fourth joint cabinet meeting). Cooperation between localities of the two countries also took place actively. Up to now, 13 provinces and cities of Vietnam have signed cooperation or twinning agreements with Thai localities. Not only cooperating within the bilateral framework, Vietnam and Thailand also cooperate closely and support each other in multilateral, regional and sub-regional frameworks, such as: ASEAN, GMS, ACMECS as well as on many other international forums such as the United Nations, APEC, ASEM.

The Vietnam - Thailand Friendship Association, established in 1996, together with the Thailand - Vietnam Friendship Association have become an important bridge, contributing to enhancing mutual understanding as well as the traditional friendship between people of the two countries. This year, 2021, Vietnam and Thailand will celebrate 45 years of establishing diplomatic relations (August 6, 1976 - August 6, 2021). This is an opportunity for us to look back at the relationship between the two countries over the past four decades and think about the future of the strategic partnership in the coming years.

Introducing the beautiful country of Thailand to the Vietnamese people through its diverse culture, traditional arts and delicious cuisine.

Vietnam believes that with mutual understanding and trust, with the need for cooperation for mutual development as well as with the available potentials of the two countries, the friendship and multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and Thailand will have many favorable conditions for more comprehensive and solid development. This relationship is in the interests of the two peoples, for the sake of peace, stability and prosperous development in this region and the world.

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