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Legends of Elumia Receives Backing From Animoca Brands

Legends of Elumia, a next-generation MMORPG developed by highly experienced game designers, revealed today that it has acquired funding from Animoca Brands.

Source: Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia is a core MMO built from the bottom up to take maximum advantage of all Web3 capabilities and benefits. It will deliver exploration, adventures, and possession to a deeply engaged community of gamers, allowing them to earn, acquire, and trade NFTs on the fast, low gas Solana blockchain.

The game will benefit from the expertise of Animoca Brands, a worldwide pioneer in gamification and blockchain who has made over 150 investments in metaverse and NFT-related firms.

This funding will enable the Legends of Elumia team to increase the resources needed to provide the most comprehensive MMO metaverse experience possible. Gamers are already longing for the genuine MMO experience that the game provides, as seen by their avid expectation on social media.

The game will be able to appeal to more people and empower its players at all levels thanks to Animoca Brands’ work and reputation for developing and promoting decentralized initiatives that are part of the open metaverse.

Source: Legends of Elumia

Elumia CEO Richard Jan commented: 

“As our experienced team works tirelessly on building Legends of Elumia, this deal underscores our commitment to the vision of a true MMORPG in the metaverse and Animoca Brands’ recognition of those ambitions.”

Aside from the standard MMO experiences of discovering different places and venturing into deep, deadly dungeons, Legends of Elumia enables players to buy land and develop homes, combat other players in the Arena, earn and trade NFTs, and own everything about their characters.

Its lush, colorful visual aesthetic is instantly appealing, and the tools provided will aid in introducing mainstream players to the metaverse and blockchain gaming.

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