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Vietnamese Blockchain Game Gets in Top 30 Most Valuable Crypto Currency Worldwide

In just a short time, the blockchain game Axie Infinity, developed by a group of Vietnamese tech gurus, has become the gaming industry's newest sensation.

Vietnamese Blockchain Game Gets in Top 30 Most Valuable Crypto Currency Worldwide

Blockchain game Axie Infinity has become a new sensation. (Photo: Vietnamnet)

Axie Infinity is a famous blockchain game made by a group of Vietnamese game developers. The game was developed by Sky Mavis, a studio in Ho Chi Minh City whose 3 out of 5 founding members are Vietnamese.

According to Coinmartketcap, Axie Infinity's market capitalization has recently set a new record when it crossed the US$ 4.97 billion. With such a large total capitalization, Axie Infinity has reached the top 30 largest crypto projects globally at times. The game is also Vietnam's blockchain project with the highest market capitalization so far.

Axie Infinity's market capitalization. (Photo: Vietnamnet)

The game development team currently owns 21% of the total AXS token supply (Axie Infinity's utility token). In which, the company holds 17%, the remaining 4% is ESOP shares. Given that the project's current market capitalization is about US$ 4.97 billion, Sky Mavis company and the development team's token worth more than US$ 900 million.

Unlike most other games, Axie players can make money through the game. Players will have to buy in-game characters to participate in the game and receive rewards. Due to the game's popularity, players can now have to spend an investment of about VND 40 million (US$ 1,739)to buy a good lineup of game characters. Players can earn at least 100 SLP (reward tokens) per day, equivalent to US$ 16. However, if they have better luck and skills, they can earn up to 170 SLP per day, equivalent to US$ 27,2.

Axie Infinity's game characters. (Photo: Vietnamnet)

Thus, if the SLP price does not fluctuate too much, a gamer can gain back his investment after 3 months, which explains why the game becomes such a hit all over the world.

According to CryptoSlam, since the game was launched in 2017, there have been 2.4 million transactions made. The game has 324,850 buyers, 936,065 token holders, and over 1 million daily active users. With such positive statistics, Vietnam's Axie Infinity game is expected to continue to grow and achieve more success in the near future.

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