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OnCustomer, Vietnam’s first multichannel customer communication platform

Multichannel connection

In recent years, Vietnamese companies have gradually become aware of the vital role of “customer experience” in their success. However, they lack an effective solution for customer experience management.

OnCustomer provides companies with a 2-in-1 solution – a multichannel communication platform that enables effective supervision and measurement of customer experience. It helps the customer care staff communicate with clients anywhere, either on websites, mobile phones or social networks such as Zalo or Facebook. OnCustomer supports five functions: sorting messages according to their status; formulating frequently asked questions; customizing Livechat box interface; setting up sample answers; and integrating with teamviewer, VHT call, Onshop, Onsales, KiotViet.

OnCustomer, Vietnam’s first multichannel customer communication platform

OnCustomer interface

OnCustomer enables businesses to combine dialogues from the most popular communications channels such as LiveChat, Facebook comment, Facebook Messenger, Zalo OA, and phone exchange into one management interface, helping them save time and labor.

Dong Huy, Founder and CEO of PITO, one of OnCustomer’s partners, said the interface is easy to manage and use. Moreover, he added, OnCustomer can connect various fanpages that PITO uses simultaneously but does not require the company to pay any additional costs as do other solutions.

To increase customer feedback, OnCustomer has developed chatbots on websites, preventing customer loss even when no staff is on duty to handle their websites.

OnCustomer’s customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys enable businesses to measure the quality of customer experience and identify necessary changes for better service.

OnCustomer’s data report system provides detailed statistics on employee efficiency, customer comments and total number of dialogues, helping businesses effectively manage work efficiency of employees.

Breakthrough applications

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed shopping habits. In the first half of 2020, online shopping accounted for over 30 percent of total retail sales in the US, against 15 percent in the pre-pandemic period. In Vietnam, the government expects that by 2025, 55 percent of the population will engage in online shopping.

In September 2020, OnCustomer launched two breakthrough applications in managing customer experience and increasing sales: OnCustomer Live and OnCustomer Webbot.

OnCustomer enables positive changes in customer experience management

With support of smart computing, OnCustomer Live enables sales clerks to identify customer demand as soon as they access a website instead of waiting for customers to ask questions.

OnCustomer Live also enables sales clerks to identify customers having high demand for a specific product, customers considering a product, customers entering an online shop to search for a product, and customers who want to exit an online shop. This enables sales staff to provide customers with suitable consultancy and an interesting experience and encourage them to place orders.

OnCustomer Webbot is the first website Chatbot in Vietnam, which is easy to customize based on sample scenarios, enabling businesses to provide automatic consultancy when customers access their websites.

OnCustomer Webbot features smart functions, such as automatically activating a scenario, automatically choosing a chat clerk, automatic tags, automatically closing chats, and automatically collecting customer feedback.

With these two applications, OnCustomer enables businesses to close a sale quickly during peak hours. OnCustomer was one of the top 10 technological projects at the national startup festival TechFest 2020.

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