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Van Dien fertilizer meets organic standards

Van Dien fertilizer is a solution to protect the environment in sustainable agricultural production

Over the years, the Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (VADFCO) has held a leading position in Vietnam's chemical and fertilizer industry thanks to its product quality, technology and a strong united staff determined to contribute to the country’s industrialization and modernization. The company has increased its fertilizer production capacity to 450,000 tonnes, including 300,000 tonnes of fused phosphate fertilizers and 150,000 tonnes of NPK of all kinds.

With passion and understanding of agro-forestry, and a desire to meet the diverse needs of farmers, generations of VADFCO officials and employees have researched and supplied over 60 different types of fertilizers suitable for different soil, crops and seasons.

VADFCO produces natural mineral fertilizer, rather than chemical fertilizer, to meet the needs of organic and safe agricultural production. The fertilizer is produced by heating apatite ore and minerals carrying natural trace elements at a high temperature of 1,450-1,500 degrees Celsius and then cooling it to make the minerals easily digestible for plants.

The fertilizer contains essential nutrients for plants, such as lime (28-34 percent) to reduce acidity, detoxifying the soil; magnesium (15-18 percent) to increase chlorophyll for leaves; silicon (24-32 percent) to help improve soil porosity and make the leaves thick, resistant to water loss, with increased drought and cold tolerance and resistance to pests.

The Van Dien phosphate fertilizer provides 97-98 percent of the nutrients plants need. Being insoluble in water, its efficiency reaches 95 to 97 percent. Only when the plant secretes acid or in an acidic environment will the fertilizer dissolve, providing nutrients according to the plant's needs during the entire growth and development process.

All nutrients are absorbed by plants at a rate of over 98 percent, demonstrating the higher efficiency of Van Dien fertilizer compared to other common fertilizers. Therefore, when using Van Dien fused fertilizer and other types of multi-nutrient NPK fertilizers produced by the company, the farmers do not need to add lime. Within a few years it changes the physical and chemical properties of the soil in favor of plants, helping them grow stronger, more resistant to pests, and improve productivity and quality of agricultural products.

VADFCO uses thermal technology to avoid the use of chemicals and make its fertilizers environmentally friendly. The Van Dien phosphate fertilizer achieves a double effect of providing nutrients for plants and at the same time decreasing soil acidity and supplementing nutrients for Vietnam’s agricultural soil.

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