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VietinBank iPay Mobile makes international money transfer extremely easy

Simple, wholly online procedures

Those who want to make international money transfer only need to prepare transaction information and profiles proving their legitimate purposes of transferring foreign currency through VietinBank iPay Mobile, and have their request reviewed and approved within 24 hours commencing from when VietinBank receives their online application.

Legitimate foreign currency purchase/transfer purposes include:

• Transfer of money required for training courses abroad (such as deposits, tuition, and living expenses)

• Transfer of money required for medical examination and disease treatment abroad (such as deposits, medical examination and disease treatment, and living expenses)

• Payment of fees and charges to foreign partners and or parties

• Transfer of money as allowances to relatives abroad

• Foreigner’s foreign currency remittance abroad

Documentation required for international money transfer:

• Remitter's identification documents

• Remitters can find on the VietinBank iPay Mobile application detailed guidelines about profile/information proving the purpose of using the service.

Quick approval

After VietinBank confirms that it has received all the required online documents, the bank will review them and the money purchase/transfer purpose, and approves customer's request extremely quickly. All are done online, and customers can easily track transaction history on VietinBank iPay Mobile application.

Outstanding fee policy and exchange rate incentives

VietinBank offers free-of-charge foreign currency transfer (the free-of-charge policy is not subject to OUR and SWIFT fee-based services done by agent banks) and reduces up to 80 points of the exchange rate listed on VietinBank website for customers using the foreign currency purchase/transfer service on VietinBank iPay Mobile until May 23, 2022.

Register now to experience the excellent foreign currency purchase/transfer service on VietinBank iPay Mobile application!

For more information, contact VietinBank through hotline number 1900 558 868 and or email address

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