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Relaxing at the weekend at Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake, enjoy having fun and live a very chill virtual life

The Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric reservoir not only plays an important role in providing electricity and water for the people but also has a poetic and charming landscape. Mo Waterfall Hydropower Plant has become an attractive destination for young people in Binh Phuoc at the weekend with a vast space ideal for camping, playing, and virtual living.

Locating waterfall Mo hydroelectric reservoir in Binh Phuoc

Thac Mo hydropower reservoir is located at the foot of Ba Ra mountain in Binh Phuoc province. Thac Mo hydroelectricity was built to provide water as well as electricity for the people of Binh Phuoc. This is an artificial lake with beautiful natural scenery and many small islands around. Especially, the green grasslands and cool fresh air are suitable for playing and exploring on weekends.

Mo Waterfall Hydropower Plant is an attractive weekend destination in Binh Phuoc

How to move to the Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydropower reservoir? 

Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydropower reservoir is about 150km from the center of Saigon and about 51km from the center of Dong Xoai city. To get to Mo waterfall lake, you can go by bus or motorbike which is very convenient. As follows: 

– Bus : From Saigon, there are many bus routes to Binh Phuoc, you just need to catch the bus at the Eastern bus station or the Western bus station. When coming to Binh Phuoc, you continue to rent a motorbike or take a motorbike taxi to Thac Mo hydroelectric power station. 

– Motorbike : To take the initiative to travel, many people choose to travel by motorbike to Binh Phuoc. For those of you from Saigon, follow the following route:

Starting from Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Dien Bien Phu streets -> drive to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street -> go along QL13 to Go Dua street (Thu Duc) -> continue driving to Nguyen Tat Thanh street (in Phuoc Thanh district). Long) -> go to Thac Me bridge (in Duc Hanh), then drive straight to Thac Mo hydroelectric power station. 

If you go from the center of Dong Xoai town, you can follow the road DT741 for about 1 hour to reach the Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake . You can turn on the location on Google to easily look up the way to the hydropower plant, which is very convenient.   

For those of you in the North who want to explore Mo waterfall, you can take a bus to Binh Phuoc or take a plane to Saigon and refer to the way to move as above!

How to move to Waterfall Mo hydroelectric lake?

What’s in the hydroelectric power of Mo waterfall lake in Binh Phuoc?

Are you wondering what is wrong with Mo waterfall hydropower in Binh Phuoc ? Visiting this famous destination in Binh Phuoc, you will see picturesque roads, trekking along Ba Ra mountain, organize camping and live a beautiful virtual life. 

Admire the picturesque scenery 

On the way to Mo waterfall, you will admire the beautiful natural scenery. It is a poetic rubber forest and if you go in the right autumn, this place has a very romantic scene like the West. In addition, the plantations of rambutan and durian of the people must be mentioned. Let’s stop to visit and enjoy delicious fresh fruits.

Admire the picturesque scenery at Mo waterfall lake

On the way to the top of Mo waterfall, visitors will see all kinds of fruit trees

Overnight camping

Mo waterfall hydroelectric lake is large with immense green grass like a steppe with wild and poetic beauty. Therefore, this place is chosen by many young people to camp on the weekend. Bring camping equipment, grill fish, sing songs, and have fun all night at Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake .

About 500m from the lake, there is a people’s market, so if you don’t bring food and drinks, you can come here to shop at very affordable prices. If you follow two people, you only need about 500,000 VND to eat and drink.($1=24,000 VND)

Mo waterfall lake is an ideal place for camping. Photo: Nguyen Van Tuan

Relaxing at the weekend at Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake, enjoy having fun and live a very chill virtual life
Take a ride around the lake to see the scenery and live virtual. Photo: Dien Tran

Trekking Ba Ra mountain

One of the interesting experiences when exploring Mo waterfall lake in Binh Phuoc is trekking Ba Ra mountain . Let’s conquer the top of the mountain at an altitude of 732m and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way with tall old trees. From the top of Ba Ra mountain, you will admire the majestic natural scenery and breathe in the fresh air. If you do not want to climb, you can also travel by cable car, this way you still see the impressive surrounding scenery. Especially if you go on days with a lot of fog, the scenery is mysterious and magical like a fairyland.

Trekking Ba Ra mountain and live a beautiful virtual life. Photo: Truong Thuy Kieu

A favorite destination at Ba Ra peak is the remains of an American airport with a 48m high antenna. Next to it is a shrine to worship Lady Chua Xu and Mother Thien Hau. The last stop is the sacred Ba Ra temple ideal for sightseeing and virtual living with a beautiful view at the Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake that you should not miss. 

Many beautiful virtual living corners at Thac Mo Lake. Photo: FB I’m from Binh Phuoc

If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful destination for camping on the weekend, the Mo Binh Phuoc waterfall hydroelectric lake is the ideal choice that you should not ignore. Hopefully with the above sharing will help you have a happy trip and the most interesting experiences. Don’t forget to “pocket” useful Binh Phuoc tourism information !

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