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Quang Ninh Province given top marks for pollution control

Treatment of all wastewater

According to Nguyen Nhu Hanh, Director of the Environmental Protection Sub-Department of Quang Ninh province, wastewater discharged from all operational industrial parks (IPs) in the northeastern coastal province is treated according to environmental standards. In addition, domestic and industrial solid waste and hazardous waste and emissions in industrial zones are also collected and treated according to regulations.

Planting trees to restore the environment at Chinh Bac waste dump in Ha Long City

Four of the five operational industrial clusters (ICs) have concentrated wastewater treatment systems. Two additional ICs are completing infrastructure works to deal with ordinary solid waste and hazardous waste.

Automatic environmental monitoring

One of the important factors contributing to the success of environmental management and protection in Quang Ninh is the application of information technology in administrative management activities, especially in environmental protection. Automatic monitoring systems have been installed at all the main production facilities, IPs and ICs, and the data are transmitted to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The department has also installed a device to monitor wastewater flow parameters at Texhong Hai Ha Industrial Park - phase 1 to manage, control, and continuously monitor the actual amount of wastewater flowing into concentrated wastewater treatment stations of the IP, and avoid untreated wastewater discharge into the environment.

Meanwhile, cement and thermal power plants in the province have also been installed with automatic monitoring equipment and misting systems to control dust and emissions to minimize the amount of dust dispersed into the environment. Based on data transmitted to the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the province has directed specialized agencies to check pollution causes and urged related units to ensure that emissions do not exceed the allowable limit and to crack down on those violating the permitted parameters.

The coal industry has also innovated mining technology and adopted environmental protection solutions such as planting trees to improve the environment, investing in the construction and renovation of dikes and dams to prevent soil drift, dredging drainage systems, and taking steps to reduce dust and noise during coal transportation and screening. So far, it has deployed 58 automatic environmental monitoring stations.

Quang Ninh Province is one of five provinces rated positively by the Ministry of Natural Resources and

Environment in 2020 according to a set of indicators for assessing environmental protection results of

centrally-governed provinces and cities.

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