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Admire the beautiful beauty of the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc, go and don’t want to come back!

Binh Phuoc is famous for its majestic waterfalls, in which, waterfall number 4 is beautiful and poetic and attracts visitors at first sight. Let’s discover what is so special about the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc!

Where is the location of the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc?

Binh Phuoc 4 waterfall is also known as 4 waterfall – Soc Xiem lake is located in the territory of An Khuong and Tan Loi communes of Hon Quan district, An Loc town, Binh Long commune, Binh Phuoc province. Waterfall No. 4 attracts visitors with the structure of waterfalls divided into many blocks stacked on top of each other and blanketed by a stream. Waterfall 4 winds around the hillside and bevels across the wild forest, possessing a beautiful and poetic scenery. 

Visitors can visit the 4th waterfall at any time of the year. However, you should check the weather forecast before going to avoid dangerous slippery rainy days. 

Admire the beautiful beauty of the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc, go and don’t want to come back!
Waterfall No. 4 is a famous and tourist attraction in Binh Phuoc

How to move to the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc?

Experience going to waterfall number 4 Binh Phuoc , the road to the waterfall is paved to the foot of the waterfall. So you don’t have to worry about dangerous bad road driving or strenuous mountain climbing. You just need to drive straight to the 4th waterfall according to the following instructions: 

– Moving from Saigon: For tourists departing from Saigon, it is most convenient to go through National Road 13 or My Phuoc and Tan Van, Highway 3 will take more than 3 hours to reach the waterfall. 

– From the center of Binh Phuoc: For tourists moving from the center of Binh Phuoc city, the fastest is to follow the route DT 756 -> go to Tuyen car repair shop -> turn to DT756 -> go through Hang grocery store. Union -> to Tan Loi go another 10 minutes to arrive. The total distance is 20.6km and the travel time is about 29 minutes. 

After stopping the car, you will see the number 4 waterfall appear right in front of you. The area by the waterfall has stone benches for visitors to rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Although not as majestic as other waterfalls in Binh Phuoc, when coming to waterfall 4, visitors will be overwhelmed with spectacular scenery and fresh atmosphere. In particular, the area around the waterfall has a beautiful and poetic system of mountains, rivers, lakes and rubber forests.  

How to get to the 4 waterfall

Admire the breathtaking beauty of the 4 waterfall

What is there in Binh Phuoc 4 waterfall tourism ? Waterfall No. 4 has many large and small waterfalls creating a beautiful scene. In which, the largest waterfall is 2m high and 3m long and the smallest waterfall is 1.5m high and 1m long. The waterfalls here are designed one after another to pour water into the basin, splashing white foam, creating a beautiful scene. 

Admire the beautiful scenery of the 4 waterfall

The area on both sides of the 4th waterfall has many ancient trees, with trees up to tens and hundreds of years old woven together into giant vines. In particular, there are trees with winding vines like dragons. Along with the murmuring stream, creating a beautiful scene like a fairyland. 

The gentle flowing stream originates from the 4th waterfall

Visiting the 4th waterfall in Binh Phuoc , visitors will admire the beautiful natural scenery and listen to the music in harmony with the murmuring water, rustling leaves and chirping birds. Visiting the 4th waterfall, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful scenery, participate in entertainment activities and let their souls relax with the beautiful scenery here. 

Waterfall flowing with white foam is as beautiful as paradise

Waterfall No. 4 is also a favorite camping and picnic spot for many young people on weekends. You will be organized fun activities, campfires and food drinks. The area near the waterfall has green lawn, blooming flower garden and a beautiful small wooden bridge for visitors to live virtual. 

Beautiful scenery like a watercolor painting at waterfall number 4

Coming to the 4th waterfall, visitors can also play with the docile deer. In addition, you can take a dragon boat ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake or cool off at the lake or play tennis at the sports field near the waterfall. 

The fresh natural scenery at the 4th waterfall attracts tourists to visit the waterfalls stacked on top of each other at the 4th waterfall create a unique scene

Notes when going to waterfall number 4 Binh Phuoc

Let’s “pocket” the useful experiences when discovering the beauty of the 4 Binh Phuoc waterfall below to have the most complete trip!

– Should bring insect repellant, hat to protect from the sun. 

– If you want to camp, you should prepare tents, grills and food in advance from home. 

– For day visitors, they can bring food or eat at the restaurant near the waterfall with ethnic architecture. The restaurant serves Binh Phuoc specialties at affordable prices. 

– For those of you who are far away and want to stay overnight but don’t want to camp, you can move to the city center with many hotels for you to choose from. 

– You can combine visiting other famous places in Binh Phuoc such as: Soc Xiem Lake tourist area, An Loc people’s grave, Soc Lon pagoda, Standing waterfall, Ba Ra mountain …

Hopefully, the above sharing of experience going to the 4 Binh Phuoc waterfall will help you have the most complete trip! In addition, you can refer to other useful Binh Phuoc tourism information ! 

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