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Dong Nai province promotes the agricultural extension

Dong Nai province promotes the agricultural extension

Dong Nai province's Agricultural Service Center inspects and evaluates the model participating in the hydroponic vegetable growing project. Photo: Tran Trung.

From 2001 to 2021, the Agricultural Service Center of Dong Nai province has built over 9,584 demonstration points of cultivation, husbandry, and aquaculture models.

Specifically, regarding short-term crop production, the Center focuses on building a model of rice seeding, intensive cultivation of high-quality rice, growing safe vegetables, and structural transformation of plant varieties. The model of rice seeding has helped farmers proactively source rice seeds for production.

High-quality rice intensive farming models have applied synchronously technical solutions in rice cultivation such as concentrated sowing, avoiding planthoppers, balanced fertilizer application, and pest control according to IPM.

The Center focuses on building grafted models to improve fruit trees and industrial plants intercropping cocoa with cashew and other crops regarding perennial tree production.

Hydroponic vegetable farming is considered one of the models suitable for urban agriculture and families with small production areas in Dong Nai province. Photo: Tran Trung.

Farmers have replaced old local varieties with elite varieties with high yield quality, adapted to local ecological conditions, and reduced investment costs during the primary construction period.

For mango trees, the Center has implemented the orientation to develop the raw material areas of Cat Chu and Hoa Loc mangoes with high productivity and quality for export; support training farmers in grafting techniques to improve mango.

Especially in recent years, the Center has focused on supporting the introduction of all kinds of mechanized equipment to serve agricultural production. The number of machines and mechanization in production has continuously increased.

Dong Nai province's Agricultural Service Center replicates the white leg shrimp farming model. Photo: Tran Trung.

The Center has improved and transferred the fertilizer system through automatic irrigation pipes. The economical irrigation method combined with fertilizing through lines helps farmers reduce 40% of irrigation water and reduce fuel and electricity costs by 60%; reduce the fertilizer quantity by 20%, increase productivity by 30%, and increase product quality.

In 2021, the whole province multiplied 3,701 hectares of water-saving irrigation on crops. Up to now, Dong Nai province has deployed an economic irrigation system on 32,509 hectares in Dinh Quan, Tan Phu, Long Khanh, and Vinh Cuu districts.

According to the Agricultural Service Center of Dong Nai Province, to create a breakthrough for agricultural production, Dong Nai province has organized the linkage of production areas in chains from production to processing and consumption; become a center of high-tech agriculture in seed production, supply, production technology.

Local organic pepper production model. Photo: Huu Duc.

Many organic agricultural projects with investment capital up to billions of VND have been formed. Dong Nai province's agriculture in the 4.0 period is oriented to production development, looking at market signals and on a large-scale commodity.

Currently, the province has 120 production chains associated with agricultural product consumption. There are 16 chain links under the large field project with 28 participating enterprises and cooperatives, with a total area of ​​5,521 hectares; More than 100 chain links between businesses, cooperatives, and people through product consumption contracts.

When participating in the association in the production and consumption of products, Dong Nai province has supported infrastructure systems, technical training, and capital for farmers and businesses. Since then, crop productivity has increased from 30 to 100% compared to before. The product prices are higher than the market.

The indigenous black pig development project in Dong Nai province has been bringing economic benefits to local people. Photo: Tran Trung.

Many training courses on organic farming have been organized, bringing significant benefits to farmers in economic and social efficiency.

From 2001 to 2021, the Agricultural Service Center of Dong Nai Province and localities organized 7,854 training courses for 358,920 farmers on cultivation techniques, animal husbandry, and disease prevention for plants livestock.

Most of the training contents are derived from the needs of the people, the actual situation of the locality, and the techniques related to GAP production, model building, and climate change response.

According to Mr. Nguyen Chi Hien, Director of the Agricultural Service Center of Dong Nai province, although there are limitations that need to be adjusted and improved in terms of organization, method, content, the models are also has had a positive impact on production, creating a transformation in terms of perception as well as the process of organizing production in practice.

Demonstration models hold the leading position in technology transfer and production organization orientation.

Dong Nai province's Agricultural Service Center transfers scientific and technical advances in cocoa cultivation to farmers. Photo: Tran Trung.

Dong Nai province's agriculture has proposed solutions: To further strengthen the information and communication about agricultural extension work, especially effective models, which have a significant impact on the replication;

To step up the construction of cooperative groups, gradually move towards cooperatives, improve the capacity of heads of collective production organizations, harmonize distribution of interests to maintain the association organization.

"The replication of agricultural extension models depends significantly on the localities where production is directly organized. For the models to replicate well, it is necessary to have guidelines and policies to encourage and assign specific responsibilities and improve clubs and cooperative groups.

Localities need to follow up to the policies and orientations of the State, agriculture in association with the needs and actual conditions of their localities", emphasized Mr. Hien.

Author: Tran Trung

Translated by Ha Phuc

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