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Container resort on Ha Tinh beach

HA TINH  – 130 rooms are made from old containers, located on the beach of Xuan Thanh, Nghi Xuan district is a new resort for many tourists.

Located on the beach of Xuan Thanh commune, Nghi Xuan district, nearly 50 km from Ha Tinh city (Ha Tinh), about 20 km from Vinh city (Nghe An), the container room system is owned by Hong Lam Xuan Company. Thanh has just come into operation since the end of April.

There are 130 rooms here, renovated and made from old containers, located on an area of ​​more than 2 hectares of casuarina forest, a few hundred meters from the sea in front, and a lake behind. This place has been in operation since 2019.

By the end of April, 130 rooms have been completed, all painted blue, with the main door and two front and side windows, and the number on the roof is hung for everyone to recognize.

The inside of the container is about 15 m2, plastered with plaster, the bathroom and common toilet are located at the back. Air-conditioned room, hanging a bedside mirror, painting above. There is also a frame for hanging clothes, a small table for visitors to put their things.

On the occasion of April 30 to May 1, the resort was put into trial operation, prices ranged from 600,000 to 700,000 VND per night, including buffet breakfast. In the near future, when officially operating, there will be a new listed price.

In addition to family rooms, there are also many community rooms. Area 15 m2, inside arranged 4 bunk beds made of steel, for large groups of guests.

Each room is located about 20-30 m apart, the aisles interspersed with casuarina rows are tiled by the investor.

Many paths also plant more bougainvillea and some ornamental plants.

In front of the rooms, there is a large space to attract children to play.

Visitors here can order meals with the manager, or go on their own to experience food and enjoy seafood at restaurants of local people on the coast of Xuan Thanh, Cuong Gian (Nghi Xuan district). .

Many foreigners also like new experiences. In addition to renting rooms, they also set up camp in front of vacant lots, put mats inside to cool off, and chat. These tourists have been in Vietnam for a long time, all completed medical procedures, and tested negative for nCoV before coming here.

In the evening, the numbering system placed in front of the room forms lamps that light up the passage.

“The room is suitable for a couple and a small child. When lying down in the evening, in front of the sea waves lapping, above are the breezes created by casuarina trees, I feel there are feelings. very new,” said Ms. Thanh Huyen, 32 years old, living in Ha Tinh city.

In addition to 130 container rooms, the investor also owns a complex system including a system of high-class motels and shopping malls, expected to be put into operation after the Covid-19 epidemic situation is under control.

In the near future, tourists coming to Xuan Thanh beach will also be able to participate in new experiences such as watching dog racing, horse racing and taking pictures to check in with horses, kayaking… Follow vnexpress

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