18.10.2021, 10:36

Indonesia to deploy six strategies to anticipate COVID-19 wave during year end

Indonesia to deploy six strategies to anticipate COVID-19 wave during year end

People get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia. (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)   

NDO/VNA - The Indonesian government is strengthening strategies to prevent the risk of a third wave of COVID-19 by the end of 2021 - when people's travel increases during the Christmas - New Year holiday.

Minister of Information and Communications Johnny Plate on October 16 said that six strategies have been implemented based on successful experience in reducing COVID-19 cases in the past time.

The first strategy is to strictly control areas when community activities are relaxed. People must stay vigilant in implementing health protocols and limiting movement.

The second strategy is to increase inoculation for the elderly, especially those in concentrated areas and centres of economic growth, in order to reduce mortality and hospitalisation if a third wave occurs.

Third, the government also encourages the acceleration of vaccination for children so that when the Christmas and New Year holiday comes, child immunity has been formed.

Fourth, along with the opening of international flights, the government is committed to controlling the movement of international travellers with strict rules.

Fifth, the role of local authorities is strengthened in monitoring activities and educating local residents about health care.

Lastly, communication work continues to be carried out to raise public awareness about following health protocols to better control COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Johnny highlighted effective cooperation from all parties so that Indonesia can successfully control the pandemic and restore the country's economy. Disciplines of 3M (mask, hand washing, and distance), 3T (tracing, testing, treatment), vaccination and the implementation of PeduliLindungi application in the management and control of vaccination against COVID-19 are key to preventing the pandemic.

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