25.11.2022, 16:12

Giant robot in Thu Duc City, new check-in point for young people

In recent days, many young people race to the new check-in point in Thu Duc City (HCMC) which is a cute and fancy giant robot in Sala urban area.

The largest robot model in the country is located in Sala urban area (No. 10, Mai Chi Tho Street, Thu Duc City). As soon as this robot appeared, many young people came to this area to take pictures.

Giant robot in Thu Duc City, new check-in point for young people

Giant robot in Thu Duc city causes fever with young people. Photo: PHUONG LE.

If you look from the side of Mai Chi Tho street, you will see a white robot with many different emotions, happy, sad, surprised, etc., which is very cute, shown through its eyes with led lights.

Perhaps the large shape plus the unique look, the young people immediately fell in love with this robot and eagerly flocked here to check in and share pictures with the online community. Since then, the “hot” of the giant robot has increased.

No matter what angle you stand, the photos with the robot are always outstanding. Photo: Thanh Nga.

The image of a super giant robot has attracted many people to admire. Photo: Saigon shooting location.

When night falls, the robot has a new, shimmering, brilliant appearance that lights up an entire neighborhood. Therefore, whether it is late at night or it is raining, the robot still attracts many people to visit and take pictures.

Everyone is excited and interested in the super giant robot. Photo: Xuan Anh.

Ms. Xuan Anh, who lives in District 1, shared: “My family came here to take a few commemorative photos with the robot. Although we know the robot has a giant shape, when we saw it with our own eyes, it was bigger than we imagined. It’s really fun. My kids love this destination.”

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)