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Looking ahead to Day 16 at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Looking ahead to Day 16 at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The final day of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in 2021. A triumph of sport and spirit. The women's basketball gold medal game and men's marathon headline the day, although there are also 11 other golds to hand out on the day.

Medal events


0700-0945: M marathon


1130-1400: W Gold Medal Match


1400-1415: W lightweight Final; 1415-1430: M lightweight Final; 1445-1500: W middleweight Final; 1515-1530: M super heavyweight Final

Cycling track

1000-1315: M keirin, W omnium, W sprint


1100-1300: W Bronze Medal Match; 1500-1730: W Gold Medal Match

Rhythmic gymnastics

1100-1255: Group all-around Final


0900-1100: W Bronze Medal Match; 1330-1600: W Gold Medal Match

Water polo

1340-1500: M Bronze Medal Match; 1630-1820: M Gold Medal Match

Closing Ceremony: 2000-2230

Tokyo 2020

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