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Two Vehicle Crash on Loire Levee in Vouvray, France Leaves One in Critical Condition

On March 17th, 2024, a serious head-on collision occurred on the D952 road along the Loire levee near the town of Vouvray, France, just before 9 PM. Two vehicles, including a police car, collided frontally at a location called Les Tuileries.

The exact circumstances that led to the crash are still under investigation. However, it is known that for an as of yet undetermined reason, one of the vehicles veered out of its lane and into the oncoming traffic. 

Inside the police vehicle, the two officers aged 26 and 24 suffered minor injuries and were transported to the Tours University Hospital (CHU). However, the 51-year old driver of the other vehicle was in a far more critical condition. He was reported to be in cardiac arrest at the scene and required CPR from responding firefighters and paramedics from SAMU, France's emergency medical service. He was rushed to the CHU in Tours with his prognosis stated as being engaged or critical.

The roadway in both directions was shut down to allow emergency responders to work. A total of 18 firefighters were deployed to the accident site. As of now, the circumstances that led to one vehicle veering out of its lane remain under investigation. The collision serves as a tragic reminder of the fragility of life and importance of road safety. The condition of the critically injured 51-year old driver remains of highest concern, with his family and the community surely holding out hope for his recovery.

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