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Electricity shortage in northern Vietnam eases

HCMC – The electricity supply in the northern region of the country has improved as technical glitches in several power plants have been resolved.

Since June 10, Thai Binh 2 thermal power plant has resumed normal operations, generating an average of eight million kWh per day. Another thermal power plant, Nghi Son, is expected to operate at a capacity of 13 million kWh per day starting from June 13.

Water levels of hydroelectric reservoirs have increased slightly over the weekends, but they remain critically low. Some power generators have resumed operation, albeit at a reduced capacity, according to EVN.

To address the severe electricity shortage in northern Vietnam, the National Power Dispatch Center (A0) has increased the short-term transmission capacity to 2,600 MVA on the 500kV Nho Quan-Nghi Son 2-Ha Tinh transmission line, facilitating south-to-north transmission during peak hours.

These additional power sources will help alleviate power cuts in the northern region. However, the electricity shortage is not expected to be fully resolved until July when hydroelectric reservoirs receive water inflows from rains and floods.

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